16 Gift Wrap Ideas that Prove the Wrapping is the Best Part

At this point in the month, you might be finished with the shopping and have moved on to the gift wrapping (which is actually my favorite part). Make your gift wrap stand out under the tree with these gift wrap ideas that will make the wrapping just as fun as the buying! Whether you want to DIY or just wrap up a fun wrapping paper, there’s an idea to fit your style and aesthetic. Continue Reading

$5 DIY! Personalize Stockings with a Simple Embroidery Stitch

Photo: Holly Wade

If there's one thing that I think needs to be personalized for everyone in the family, it's Christmas stockings! Come Christmas morning and everyone is swapping stockings, it's the perfect way to organize whose stocking belongs to whom (and to make sure that Santa doesn't get confused, of course). With this simple embroidery stitch, it's easy to personalize stockings for only $5! Whether you're sewing your own Christmas stockings or buying your favorite color at Target, the personalized embroidery makes them elegant but cute for everyone in your house! Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: Cool Gifts For The Woodworking Mom

I thoroughly enjoy woodworking, and I know that I'm not alone. There are tons of women out there that enjoy the craft! Spoil your mother or the lady in your life with one (or all!) of these cool tools! 



Pen cutting tool

1. The coolest pencil out there for marking cut lines! $10 from Amazon.


Bosch jig saw
Home Depot

2.  The Bosch 7 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw is sturdy and can do so much! $160 with carrying case from the Home Depot. Continue Reading

18 Gifts for Home Chefs that You Can Buy from Amazon for Under $40

Gifts for chefs you can find on Amazon

Holiday season is creeping up quick! Looking for gift ideas for the at-home cooks in your life, but don't want do bust the budget? We've dug up 18 of our favorite cooking stuff finds, all on Amazon, and all for under $40. Keep reading for awesome gift ideas for chefs!            


Seriously Good Gifts for Chefs

Laser thermometer

Digital laser thermometer – $17

Point, shoot, and instantly get a temperature reading. At-home chefs no longer have to worry about putting their arm inside a dangerously hot oven to check on the bird – the laser does all the reaching instead. Continue Reading

The Ultimate List of Perfect DIY Gift Basket Ideas

DIY gift basket ideas
Shutterstock / IMG Stock Studio

Themed gift baskets make amazing, affordable, and memorable gifts. The key is to pick the items carefully and to pay attention to the presentation. Here is a complete list of our very favorite gift basket ideas for everyone on your list, plus money-saving tips and tricks on assembling DIY gift baskets!   

 Who likes getting gift baskets during the holidays? The better question is: Who doesn't?! The best gift baskets are the ones filled with stuff we love. Continue Reading

How To: Arm-Knit a Blanket in Just One Hour!

Arm knit blanket

Do you ever wish you could make a blanket yourself, but don't feel like you have the time to? Then a DIY arm knit blanket might be just the project for you! A chunky knit blanket can be completed in about an hour, and it's PERFECT for beginners. But what is “arm knitting,” you might ask? Basically, it's regular knitting, but instead of using needles, you use your arms. As you can imagine, arms in needle terms are big. Continue Reading

Make It! Clay Terrazzo-Inspired Coasters

Terrazzo has recently come back in style and I'm here for it! Because it's a very old flooring material, the newer versions of terrazzo appear more colorful and versatile. To recreate the speckled look of terrazzo for my home, I made a set of simple clay terrazzo-inspired coasters with a variety of colors that fit with the decor of my home. They're easy to make, and you can customize them with your favorite colors!

 Traditionally, terrazzo is made with marble chips set in a resin or concrete and polished. Continue Reading

Try these Easy Twisted Macrame Keychains

Macrame has recently made a comeback, so I was excited to learn some of the basics for making macrame pieces myself at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make these twisted macrame keychains with colored beads and a fringe bottom, and you can whip one up in as little as 15 minutes. Customize them with colorful wooden beads and make this beautiful twisted look simply by repeating the same knot! 

 This is a great beginner macrame project, and when repeated, this left square knot creates a beautiful twisted pattern that looks much more complicated than it really is, so be prepared to impress everyone you know.  Continue Reading

20 Great DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day this year, take a page from your childhood self and make something for her, with your own two hands. I’m not talking about macaroni art or a homemade card written in marker, here. These are adult gifts that she will actually use (and enjoy). Here are 20 DIY gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day.       

1. DIY Floral Bangle Bracelets for Mom 

2.  Continue Reading

How To: Make a Giant DIY Paper Flower for Valentine’s Day!

created at: 02/02/2012

There’s an old saying in the art world, “If you can’t make it good, make it big”.  While that rings true some of the time, it’s definitely possible to make it good AND make it big.  Case in point: these giant paper flowers!   

Originally made for a wedding, I think they would be fabulous for Valentine’s Day (they’re both about love, right?)!  I love them as V-Day decor or part of a surprise gift — how would you use these gorgeous, over-sized flowers? Continue Reading