Roundup: 3 Easy DIY Goodie Bags and Packages for Valentine’s Day!

created at: 01/29/2012

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while hiding treats in super cute mailboxes each day is a swell idea, maybe you’d like to surprise your gift recipients with one big bang of a goodie bag!  We’ve rounded up three of our favorite DIY Valentine package ideas that are easy to make and sure to delight!   


created at: 01/29/2012

First up is this sweet DIY “prize ball” peach!  Toys, treats, and other goodies get wrapped up in colorful crepe paper to create a fun and unique Valentine’s Day package.   Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own DIY Custom-Shaped Paperclips!

created at: 01/26/2012

It’s office month, as you know, and what’s more office-y than paperclips??  (A stapler, probably…) We realize you can buy paperclips in bulk, but wouldn’t it be cooler to have your own custom paperclips to attach to greeting cards, gift toppers, or those pesky TPS reports*?   


Chelsea from Lovely Indeed walks us through all the steps to start creating your own paperclips in any crazy shape your heart desires (think custom letters or initials for the gift recipient, hearts for Valentine’s Day, mustaches for people who are still into that).   Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Waterless Hot Water Bottle (Free Template)!

created at: 01/24/2012

I wanted to say something about this fleece “hot water bottle” giving you warm fuzzies, but I just couldn’t.  Or could I?  Oh snap, I just did.  Now that that terrible pun is purged from my system, let’s get on with this heart-warming how-to.  (I’m so sorry, I can’t stop.)   


If you’re not still hung up on my awful puns, maybe you’re asking yourself what the “waterless” part of this hot water bottle is all about.   Continue Reading

Last-Minute DIY Gift Idea: Two-Toned Felt Gadget Cases!

created at: 12/21/2011

Holy cow, it’s December 22nd and you don’t have a gift for that person who has everything!!  First, take a deep breath; fret not.  And then bust out some basic sewing skills and make them a two-toned gadget case!   


You can size these to fit anything from a smartphone to an e-reader to a tablet.  The supplies are readily available and the required skills are, like we said before, absolutely basic.  All you need is the following:

  • 2 18″ square pieces of wool felt in contrasting or coordinating colors
  • cotton thread to match the exterior felt
  • felt buttons (you can buy these or easily make a few yourself… or just use some fun buttons from your stash!)
Continue Reading

How To: Make a Simple DIY Leather Journal

created at: 12/05/2011

These simple leather journals or sketchbooks would make great holiday gifts for the writers, doodlers, list-makers, or note-takers in your life.  I don’t know about you but I want to make a hundred of these and give them to everyone I know!   


This easy-to-follow tutorial comes from Katie Startzman of Duo Fiberworks (the same creative lady that brought us the rainbow-wrapped wreath idea).  To make your own 32-page book, all you need is the following:

  • Four pieces of paper, 8.5″x11″
Continue Reading

How To: Make Awesome Paper Cut Coasters!

created at: 11/23/2011

At Curbly, we’ve got a little thing for paper cutting and coasters. But a project that combines two of our loves in one??  Well, that’s what I like to call a ‘craftgasm’.   


Today’s ‘gasm comes courtesy of paper craft master Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut (who will be teaching a class at the Altitude Design Summit–Are you going??).  All you need to make your own paper cut coasters is the following:

  • Blank tiles (super cheap at hardware stores)
  • Paper cut outs
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • Brush
  • Clear spray paint (gloss or satin)
  • Felt circles for the corners of the tiles or felt squares that are as large as the tiles
  • Adhesive for the felt (if not using the self-adhesive kind)

When you’ve gathered your supplies, hit up A Little Hut for the tutorial!   Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Tree Stump Coasters

created at: 10/27/2011

Sure, we’ve shown you how to make actual tree stump coasters, but isn’t everything better in cozy cutesy felt form??  At the very least, this won’t require a saw or have any potential for serious bodily injuries (unless accidentally poking your finger with a fat embroidery needle counts).  So, ready to get the faux tree stump party started?  Read on!  


Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess shares this easy tutorial for making your own fabric tree stump coasters.   Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Modern Dip-Dyed Baskets

created at: 04/26/2011

This DIY project has “Scandinavian Modern” written all over it!  It’s also one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.  The white and wood combo is at once classic, modern, and trendy.  For color lovers like myself, I’d suggest experimenting with bold hues – maybe even neon if you’re feeling crazy!  

Leave it to Martha* to come up with something as simple and doable as this dip-dyed basket DIY.  All you need is a basket, a plastic bin to pour paint into, and enough paint to dip your basket into.   Continue Reading

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Male

created at: 01/31/2011

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, so it’s high time we bust out some gift guides!  If you’ve got a modern male on your sweetheart list, here are fourteen gift ideas he’s sure to love.  


created at: 01/31/2011

1.  Eames Arrow Serigraph – straight to the heart: $40

2.  Shop Rag Kit – for the well-appointed garage and design-loving man: $15

3.  Plywood Chairs Messenger Bag – Mid-Century devotion: $39


created at: 01/31/2011

4.  Reclaimed Wood iPhone Cradle – nothing says “love” more than wood and tech: $74*

5.  Continue Reading

Blinged: Dress Up Your Fridge!

created at: 01/17/2011

Megan, whose thriftastic office we featured last week, has created some of the most clever – and prettiest – magnets you’ve ever seen!  

created at: 01/17/2011

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store or an estate sale, chances are you’ve seen some pretty sweet clip-on earrings.  Costume jewelry was all the rage at some point in time, apparently, and lucky for you Megan Jeyifo, of Urban Casita and ReadyMade fame, has figured out a new use for these sparkly baubles: super fancy magnets! Continue Reading