How To: Make Natural, Homemade Glass Cleaner

How to: Make orange-scented homemade window cleaner

I've been on a green-cleaning kick lately. By “green” I mean natural, but also “green” as in money-saving! While paying four or five dollars for a bottle of cleaner might not feel like a big deal, it is when you consider how easy it is to create a similarly effective cleanser for a few cents a bottle. In an effort to convert all my cleansing products to homemade, I've recently whipped up a batch of homemade window cleaner that works just as well as the store-bought variety, and without streaking!         Continue Reading

Make This: Affordable Glass Wall Art for Under $20!

Affordable glass wall art project

Ideas pop up in the most random of situations, don't they? The inspiration for this project came to me the other day when I was at the airport. I was standing in line at a Wendy's, preparing to pay $15 for a small frosty and fries (why is airport food so expensive?!), and I was absent-mindedly staring at this wall that divided the checkout lane from the seating area. The wall was made of two layered panels of glass, frosted. Continue Reading

67 Furniture “Before and Afters” That’ll Totally Inspire You

I love a good before-and-after, don't you? There's so much satisfaction in taking a sad roadside find or cheap garage sale rescue and totally transforming it into something new and different. We've rounded up some of our favorite furniture makeovers to inspire you to either start that upholstery project, get out the spray paint, or hit up this weekend's local yard sale scene. From dressers to dining tables, here are some of our favorite furniture makeovers.            Continue Reading

A Little Spring Fun: How to Make Kissing Coasters

created at: 03/25/2012Hi!  I’m Alexandra Hedin – a lifestyle and entertaining expert from the Pacific Northwest.  I provide inspiration, recipes, and crafts for creating a lovely life.  It doesn’t take much to make everyday lovely – or to have fun.  And isn’t that what life is about? All week I’ll be here showing you how I threw together a little springtime affair that takes only a little thought and some good friends. 

The last two days I showed you a fabulous little cocktail and an appetizer to go alongside.   Continue Reading

Colorful- and Washable!- Painted Vase

created at: 04/02/2012

New spring blossoms aren’t just for the outside!  How about sprucing up those plain glass vases with paint?  And unlike the flowers starting to blossom outside, these colorful poppies are there to stay.   Amanda gives the low-down on how to use the Gloss Enamel paint and your kitchen oven to give your artistic creations a permanent home on glass. 

created at: 04/02/2012

Since you can find these types of vases for CHEAP, you can really go to town for any season, holiday, event, or whatever.  Continue Reading

How to: Dye Clear Glass ANY Color (A New Technique)

How to dye clear glass any color



Update: We've tested two new techniques for dyeing glass jars. Check them out here!

Remember the Mod Podge + food coloring technique for painting clear glass? That was cool and all, but I spotted another method using Vitrail glass paint and acetone (nail polish remover) that allows the bottles and jars to be used as actual vases, as the finish is waterproof! This treatment provides for more depth of color as well.



Head on over to our updated post to get more details!  Continue Reading

The “Does It Work?” Challenge: Cleaning Windows & Mirrors with Newspaper

created at: 03/11/2012

It’s cleaning and organization month on Curbly! This week we’re taking a look at those household tips and tricks you’ve always heard or read about, but wondered if they really worked. I handed our Official Curbly Test Kitchen Tester (moi) a bevy of assignments, all to answer one burning question: Does it work?

First up: Cleaning glass with newspaper. I must confess, my Dad taught me this trick years ago. It’s something about the lack of lint on the paper (vs. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Ombre Glowing Hurricane Glasses

Heads up, cool kids: ombre is all the rage these days. The term is French, simply meaning “shaded” or “dark,” and the look was all over New York Fashion Week this year. So now, of course, it’s time to bring it into your home with a little DIY ombre decorness.

To start, how about these glowing fall-inspired and very Thanksgiving-ready ombre hurricane glasses?   The best thing about this project is though it looks like it’d take multiple colors of tissue paper, it actually only requires one sheet and some tricky layering. Continue Reading

Curbly Giveaway: 3 Cases of Fish Foam Window Cleaner ($50 Value)

created at: 07/11/2011

I hate to be the one to tell you, but it’s September, and that means window-cleaning time. So, we’re excited to collaborate with the folks at FishFoam, who offered to let us give away three cases of their premium foaming glass cleaner to three lucky Curbly readers. FishFoam is a professional-grade, ammonia-free cleaner that won’t leave streaks or haze.

FishFoam premium foaming window cleaner

Each case retails for $42, and contains 12 19-oz. cans of cleaner, so you’ll have plenty for all your windows, and maybe your neighbors’, too. 

Continue Reading

Make a John Derian-Inspired Decoupage Tray

created at: 08/20/2011

I remember the first time I saw John Derian’s gorgeous decoupage work. I also remember the sticker shock a look at the price caused. Yikes! Lucky for me, it’s not all that difficult to create your own glasswork with that Derian-inspired look.  

created at: 08/20/2011

All you’ll need for your own tray (although this DIY translate well to many plain glass pieces) is a glass tray, a printout of the image you wish to decoupage, and ModPodge. Graphics Fairy has a great selection of images you can use if you don’t want to design your own. Continue Reading