Make It: Easy DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

created at: 02/11/2013

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for decorative bowls (And throw pillows! I loves me some throw pillows. Oh, and blankets. And probably ten thousand other things, let’s be honest. Anyway, back to bowls…). There’s always a use for them, whether they’re actually holding anything or just looking pretty. These DIY glitter bowls definitely fall into the latter, straight-eye-candy category, which is fine by me!     

Okay, they could maybe hold a few really lightweight objects, but I’m guessing they’re pretty fragile. Continue Reading

How to: Make Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

created at: 12/11/2012

Last holiday season, I had so much fun experimenting with sprayable glitter (see: here, and here, here, & here), that this year, it nearly didn’t feel like Christmas unless I busted out the glitz again. But then, when a friend asked if I had any ideas to make some super easy, small woodland-style Christmas trees for a centerpiece, I knew exactly what to do. 

So, here’s how to make a whole forrest of tabletop winter trees in less than five minutes each. Continue Reading

Mid-Century Modern Christmas: How to Make Starburst Glitter Ornaments

created at: 11/26/2012

Curbly recently had the great pleasure of creating a series of Mid-Century Modern holiday decorations for DIY Network, including everything from ornaments to stockings to wreaths. We’ll be sharing the projects one-by-one. This week’s DIY holiday project? These glitter-tastic starburst Christmas ornaments! Take a peek!

How to: Give a Wine Bottle a Custom Typographic Makeover

created at: 02/07/2012

At this point in my relationship, we’re sorta past making a big deal for Valentine’s Day. As I look back, we never really did much, but these days, it’s simply a reminder that we’re a pretty great fit for each other, and that every day feels special. I’m grateful that I don’t have show up with gems and jewelry, but can we’ll likely just stay in, make a thoughtful dinner together and treat ourselves…perhaps with a bottle of champagne. Continue Reading

How to: Make a Contemporary, Glittery Holiday Tree Centerpiece

created at: 12/01/2011

Truth be told, I’ve never actually owned, made, or utilized a dining table “centerpiece.” See, I’m lucky enough to have any dining area at all in my urban apartment, in which I barely manage to fit a small table big enough for four. Once the table is set, filled with glasses, place mats, and the like, there’s no room for extra decor. I would need an actual dining room, with an actual dining table.

But, this holiday season, I decided to make one anyway. Continue Reading

How To: Make Glittering Sandwich Cookies!

created at: 11/23/2011

It’s been a regular ol’ glitter fest up in here recently, so I thought it only appropriate to extend our new obsession into Foodie Fridays!   

The trick to making these glittering cookies from The Purl Bee is something called “sanding sugar”, a term I wasn’t familiar with before (I always just called it “giant sprinkles of crystallized sugary goodness” because I’m technical like that).  It comes in just about every color you can imagine, so you can go wild with color schemes for holidays, birthdays, or other events.   Continue Reading

How to: Make Sparkly Christmas Trees

created at: 11/21/2011

Since Chris’ reindeer has me thinking in glitter recently, my eyes were drawn to these simple-and-sparkly trees that could probably double as a photo-op backdrop for that reindeer when it isn’t relaxing at the Aluminum Arbre.  This easy glitter tree project involves 4 supply items and won’t leave glittery messes behind.   For these trees, all Landee used glittered scrapbook paper, a paper punch, pins, and a trio of Styrofoam trees.

created at: 11/21/2011

Since the paper is already glittered, the chance of getting sparkles all over your counter is pretty much nil, and it makes the project that much easier.  Continue Reading

How to: Turn a Tacky Glitter Reindeer into an AWESOME Glitter Reindeer

created at: 11/16/2011

I’ll be honest. I’m not really into glitter. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, or perhaps because my taste lean towards the clean and contemporary. Mostly, it’s cause, as my memories of summer camp and Sunday school taught me, it’s messy to deal with. Open that bottle, and it’s on you for life. It is, as  Demetri Martin remarks, “the herpes of craft supplies.”

But this holiday season…I don’t know…I’m kinda feeling it. Perhaps it’s sparkles will match my beloved aluminum Christmas tree, or maybe cause the holidays always allow for going a little over the top, but they’re feeling festive this year.  Continue Reading

Make It: 3 Easy Holiday Candle Crafts!

created at: 11/15/2011

Oh snap.  Did somebody say “glitter stripes”?!  You won’t believe how easy this is!  Pretty soon you’re going to be glitter-striping everything you own… that’s a promise.   

So, this last weekend I gave in and put a few of my favorite silver Christmas trees on top of our piano, mixed in some white candles… and then fought the urge to cover the rest of my house in glitter and sparkly globe ornaments.  (Which is usually what happens on the day after Thanksgiving aka the day I succumb to the siren song of shiny objects…)

created at: 11/15/2011

But then, THEN, I saw this tutorial over on The Ivy Cottage for making easy glitter striped candles.   Continue Reading

A Glitter-y Vintage School Desk Makeover

Schooldesk makeover, before

Against all my expectations, my daughter Ayla is a princess-loving, pink-obssessed, necklace-wearing girly girl. She’s two, and yet she often demands wardrobe changes several times per day. Honestly, I don’t know how this happened; I always kind of thought I end up with a tomboy, but no, her favorite games are ‘jewly’ (jewelry) and and dressing up her ‘babies.’

It’s cool, though. I can adapt. And here’s proof: this fall I was driving by an antique shop when I spotted an old school desk sitting on the front sidewalk. Continue Reading