Fall Style Guide: The Cutest and Coziest Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Source: Martha Stewart

When the air starts to crisp up, wearing layers is key to being comfortable.  Fingerless gloves can be a fun and practical addition to your fall wardrobe.  They add warmth, style, and keep your fingers free for devices and other dexterous tasks.  Read on for a roundup of DIY, buy, and up-cycled options.  You will want to get this kind of cozy into your life.        

knit pattern fingerless gloves
Source: Ravelry

1. Ravelry offers a free pattern for these knit onesContinue Reading

How to Turn a Pair of Socks into Fingerless Mittens


It’s really cold here. Like tongue-sticking-to-flagpoles cold. Such conditions demand puffy coats, hats, snow boots and mittens. All of which erase not only eliminate your perceived gender but also any semblance of grace. And dexterity. Which leads me to this how-to.Lee shows us how to turn a pair of socks into fingerless mitts, which will help keep us warm and still let us use our digits. (They are a photographer’s must!) Lee gives us two versions. Continue Reading

Do you like pink?

If the answer is yes, you must check out The Pink Superstore, which sells pink things. Although, perfect for pink fans it’s also a great place to find unique bridal and baby shower gifts. For the bride-to-be, how about a pair of Tough Chick Fuzzy Boxing Gloves ($20), just in case the groom-to-be gets out of line?

My favorite is their pink Floating AM FM Ducky Radio ($20). Couple this with some Jessie B Pink bubble bath and a tub of warm water and I just might start to like pink. Continue Reading