Make This!: Customized Vinyl Wall Decal

DIY This!: Vinyl wall decal

For some reason or another I’m obsessed with contact paper. Maybe it’s because it’s an easy way to transform objects, walls, anything really. It might be because shelf liner is cheap, or maybe it’s the renter in me that loves how temporary it is. Whatever the case, it’s a fact that I love vinyl. And it’s a fact that I love to DIY, which is how this customized vinyl wall decal came to be.        


There are lots of resources online and in stores where you can buy vinyl wall decals, but for the picky people out there (ahem, me) who like a challenge, it’s easy to make your own. Continue Reading

How to: Make This DIY Glam-O-Ween Skull Wreath (With Video)

Classy Halloween Decor: Make this Glam Skull Wreath

I don't know about you, but I've been basically looking forward to Halloween since New Year's Eve. It's such a fun holiday! Candy, ghosts, and ghouls – oh my! Even though I absolutely adore All Hallow's Eve, I'll be the first to admit that the decor can end up on the tackier side of things. Ever on the hunt for classy Halloween decor, I decided to go glam instead. Ditch the traditional black and orange in favor of gold and glitz!      Continue Reading

A Seriously Extensive Shopping Guide of Gold, Copper, & Bronze Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

Shopping Guide: Gold. Bronze, and Copper Plumbing Fixtures

I know you feel like you just ripped out the 80s gold fixtures in your bathroom renovation five years ago, which, by the way, was a good decision, but the truth is… gold fixtures are back. No, it’s not a scary resurgence like the fashion trend of acid washed jeans a few years back. Gold fixtures can be a part of a stylish and timeless style. Gold isn’t the only fixture finish getting all the attention either. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Glamorous Gold DIYs For Your Office

Roundup: 10 Glamorous Gold DIYs For Your Office

What is it about gold that just makes things better? It’s amazing what a bit of metallic paint can do. So today we’re sharing ten gorgeous, glamorous gilded DIYs for your office or workspace. Keep reading to check ’em out.   


Roundup: 10 Glamorous Gold DIYs For Your Office
Photo: Damask Love

1. Store your writing utensils in style with this glam gold striped pencil cup. Get the how-to here. [Photo: Damask Love]


Roundup: 10 Glamorous Gold DIYs For Your Office
Photo: Avery Street Design

2. Create this stunning objet d’art using this simple tutorial. Continue Reading

Balloon-Inspired Gold Alphabet Pillows

I don’t think I could love a project more. And this is really making me want to break out the sewing machine and whip up a few pillows to use as gifts this season! Make these pillows inspired by those popular gold letter balloons you’ve seen all over the web!       


diy alphabet pillows
photo: Studio DIY

Check out the how-to over on Studio DIY!

DIY Balloon Letter Pillows by [Studio DIY]

Make It: DIY Gold Urchin Decor Hack

diy gold urchin decor hack

I’m sure you’ve noticed the gold sea urchin. Those little guys are a hot commodity in the world of design and interior decor. But they’re fragile, and they can cost a pretty penny. So how do you take the look for a test drive? With this easy peasy urchin hack, or course! Can you tell which one was handmade and which was a store-bought item?



These guys look so much like the real deal that you might just leave them around for good! Continue Reading

How To: Update An Old Pitcher With A Gold Mod Vibe

Don’t you love it when a friend admires something in your home and you can puff your chest out a bit and admit that you made it yourself? That’s exactly what will happen with this pretty pretty pitcher. And it’s just as easily removable as it was to create in the first place!      


I’m really wanting to add gold circles to every item in my home after seeing this pitcher makeover! Continue Reading

How to: Easy DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

Everybody loves to have a pretty centerpiece on the table, but who has the time to create a whole new centerpiece for every single season and every single holiday? I know I certainly don’t, which is why I came up with this solution – a beautiful gilded arrangement that only uses long-lasting elements that won’t die or rot within a week – such as faux flowers, succulent plants and uncarved pumpkins. Read on to check out the surprisingly chic final product.    Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: 10 Metallic Party Picks You Won’t Want To Miss

Shopping Guide: 10 Metallic Party Picks You Won't Want To Miss

Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us… and we’ll be rushing to buy supplies for parties and dinners and get-togethers. So we thought we’d help you get a head start by sharing some of our favorite metallic goodies perfect for your next shindig. And here’s the best news – nothing on this list will set you back more than $40!   


Shopping Guide: 10 Metallic Party Picks You Won't Want To Miss

1. Gold Number Wine Charms from Amazon: $16

Shopping Guide: 10 Metallic Party Picks You Won't Want To Miss

2. Silver Striped Hexagon Plates from Cakegirls: $7 (set of 8)

Shopping Guide: 10 Metallic Party Picks You Won't Want To Miss

3. Continue Reading

Get Crafty: 10 Gorgeous DIY Projects Using Gold Leaf

10 Gorgeous DIY Projects Using Gold Leaf
Photo: Flax & Twine

My obsession with gold only gets more severe as time goes on, and judging by my Pinterest feed, lots of other people feel the same way. I use gold paint quite often, but rarely gold leaf… so I thought I’d highlight some great (and easy) projects using this unique material.   


10 Gorgeous DIY Projects Using Gold Leaf

1. Make a fun geometric vase using this simple tutorial. [Photo: Earnest Home Co.]

2. These heart-shaped drink stirrers would be the perfect golden addition to your next dinner party. Continue Reading