How to: DIY Typographic Easter Eggs

DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Before we know it, Easter will be upon us… which means that it’s high time to get some Easter eggs in a basket! (Or in this case, a white tray). Today we’re sharing a quick and easy way to decorate eggs using spray paint and few adhesive stickers. Click through to check out the full tutorial.   


DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


  • Spray paint in a couple of colors
  • Adhesive alphabet stickers with symbols
  • Room temperature white eggs
DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


Begin by laying an egg out on a paper towel and spray painting the top surface. Continue Reading

How to Easily Personalize Any Pillow with Your Own Design

How to Easily Personalize Any Pillow with Your Own Design

I'm a pillow hoarder, so it's probably no surprise that I always have extra pillow covers in the house. I swap out my pillows every time I get sick of something, and because purchasing new pillows all the time is an expensive hobby, I've found a surefire way to personalize any pillow with my own designs using inexpensive IKEA pillow covers! The secret: sticker paper and paint. 

 In previous pillow DIYs, I've shared the wonders of iron-on vinyl, but the easiest and longest lasting way to personalize a pillow is still with good 'ol fabric paint. Continue Reading

Dress your Tech: Custom DIY Typographic Laptop Sleeve

DIY Foil Laptop Sleeve

Like many bloggers and freelancers, my laptop is my life! So having a cushioned laptop sleeve to protect it is really important whenever I travel with it. My boring foam laptop sleeve just needed an upgrade to feel more personalized, so I figured out this fun way to add some bold, graphic lettering to the front to really make it pop. 


DIY Foil Laptop Sleeve

The trick? Iron-on vinyl! It’s such a useful craft supply, and when I came across this rose colored foiled vinyl, I couldn’t wait to try it. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth

Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth
photo: Haley Nord Photography

Do people buy tablecloths anymore? Everywhere I turn, there’s a new way to update an old or plain one. And this graphic print is stunning for sure! And was created with something you have in the kitchen!       


Make It: DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth
photo: Haley Nord Photography

Grab a bowl and some paint and make your own graphic tablecloth! Guests will love this modern take on a tabletop! Check out the how-to over on Let’s MingleContinue Reading

How To: Make A DIY Side Table Out of Popsicle Sticks!

created at: 08/19/2012

Popsicle sticks have grown up and are ready to shake off their persona as a kids-only craft supply. Their first foray into real world decor? A bold, Moroccan-inspired side table!    

Popsicle sticks, some MDF, and your trusty glue gun will see you through the majority of this clever DIY project from Tamara Maynes of Home Life. The black and white motif is bold and graphic, but this idea could be just as high-impact with anything from a monochromatic look to an ombré effect! Continue Reading

Make It: Graphic and Modern Tissue Paper Collage!

created at: 07/16/2012
When a DIY project idea comes from two sisters who run a modern stationery company, you know it’s going to be awesome!    
Heidi and Susie Bauer, who run the fantastic stationery and design studio Rock Scissor Paper, have a blog full of great DIY ideas (it’s called “Make Something Happy” — cute, right?). Their most recent project is cheery and colorful tissue paper collages. They even have an adorable video tutorial to go along with it — check it out and happy crafting! Continue Reading

How To: Make Awesome Paper Cut Coasters!

created at: 11/23/2011

At Curbly, we’ve got a little thing for paper cutting and coasters. But a project that combines two of our loves in one??  Well, that’s what I like to call a ‘craftgasm’.   


Today’s ‘gasm comes courtesy of paper craft master Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut (who will be teaching a class at the Altitude Design Summit–Are you going??).  All you need to make your own paper cut coasters is the following:

  • Blank tiles (super cheap at hardware stores)
  • Paper cut outs
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • Brush
  • Clear spray paint (gloss or satin)
  • Felt circles for the corners of the tiles or felt squares that are as large as the tiles
  • Adhesive for the felt (if not using the self-adhesive kind)

When you’ve gathered your supplies, hit up A Little Hut for the tutorial!   Continue Reading

DIY Idea: A Bold Dart Board Coat Rack!

created at: 10/20/2011

Okay, hold on while I have a big ol’ “DUH!” moment…

…phew, that was intense.  Thanks for waiting.  But really, how obvious of an awesome coat rack idea is this??!  Seriously, guys.  Using a bold, graphic dart board as a coat hanger is straight brilliant.  

created at: 10/20/2011

All you need to do is sink those bad boys (aka darts) good and deep into a great-looking dart board, like the one Julia Schenk from the blog Philuko does here, and your entryway is set.   Continue Reading

Make It: Easy DIY Silhouette Wall Art!

created at: 09/19/2011

While cameos and silhouettes of loved ones have been found in homes for, well, a long long time, they have recently made a comeback in more modernized forms – like this easy DIY plywood version!  

We found this project in the Lowe’s “Idea Library“, an online inspiration center where the national home improvement store shares a wide range of projects for everyone from beginners to seasoned DIYers.  This particular project is capital E-A-S-Y!

To make your own graphic silhouette wall art, all you need is the following:

  • desired image/silhouette printed out to-size
  • plywood, cut to desired size
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • paint

Click on through to the Lowe’s Idea Library for the full tutorial to learn how to make your own customized cameo! Continue Reading