Roundup: 6 DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

created at: 04/10/2012
created at: 04/10/2012

Gardens are one of the most creative things to do, whether it’s blending the colors of annuals in your pots for just that perfect contrast, or developing the perfect layout for your garden path. Gardening is all about creating. So we thought we would finish out the week with a fun creative project that gets those artistic juices flowing. Check out one of these great DIY trellis ideas, and find the weekend project that is perfect for your garden! Continue Reading

How to: Make Your Own Upcycled DIY Garden Weed Block

created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012Nothing beats a DIY project made from free materials you were going to recycle anyway. Except for a DIY project made from free materials you were going to recycle anyway that prevents weeds from growing among your tasty veggies!   created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012

created at: 04/10/2012

Following the above steps is a simple way to recycle old cereal boxes and newspapers, to help stop the weeds, instead of purchasing weed block cloth or garden cloth from your hardware store. What’s also nice about this option is the fact that the boxes break down into the soil over time feeding the plants that much more nutrients. Continue Reading

Good vs. Bad Soil: How to Prep Soil for Your Garden

created at: 04/10/2012

Okay, would-be gardeners, let’s talk soil. So many garden failures can be attributed to bad soil. It’s like the wild west outlaw that comes in and steals all the good things from your plants. Good soil, on the other hand is like that wholesome wild west sherif who nurtures and cares for your plants. The white hat guy. Good vs. bad, get it?!

Anyway, the keys to good soil are: nutrients, aeration, and volume.

Nutrients come in many ways, fertilizers are a synthetic nutrient additive, you can also add nutrients by composting. Continue Reading

How to: Choose the Best Spot for Your Garden

created at: 04/10/2012

When I was a kid my grandpa was the gardener, and I would toddle around with him looking at the plants,  smelling the plants, and picking the plants…even when I wasn’t supposed to. I never knew how much he taught me until I started my own garden. So, here are a few tips from grandpa through me.

For a garden, the two most important elements are soil and location. You’ve heard it said by stereotypical developers that it’s all about” Location, Location, Location.” Continue Reading