Take a Tour of Trenton + Cambria’s Minimalist Home and Learn Some Amazing Tips for Staying Organized

A Minimalist Home Tour and Tips For Staying Organized

Today is an exciting day! Let’s take a peek inside the charming townhouse of an equally charming Canadian couple, Trenton and Cambria. Located in a quaint town just 20 minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, you will find this darling and minimal home, full of bright light, airy spaces and crisp white walls that really allow their handmade furniture pieces to shine. Plus, they share some tips and tricks into how they live this perfectly simple and minimal life.  Continue Reading

Gifts You Need to Start Making Right Now to Stay On Top of Your Holiday Schedule

DIY Christmas gift ideas. Here's your reminder to start DIYing for Christmas now!

That's right, folks. The year is coming to a close, and the holidays are upon us once again! Chances are if you're reading this, you have interest in the craftier side of life. Me too, and every year for Christmas I always promise myself I'll make a few DIY Christmas gifts to share with family and friends. This intention is all well and good, but useless unless I plan ahead. So crafters, here's your reminder: it's time to start making stuff! Continue Reading

Gift Guide: Super Stylish Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas

Gift Guide: Super Stylish Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas

I find that items for the home often make the best gifts. And handmade? Even better! Here’s a list of ten of my very favorite handmade gifts from a variety of Etsy sellers.   


Gift Guide: Super Stylish Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas

1. This beautiful wooden board is customized with the monogram of your choice. Head over to MRC Wood Products to check out their vast selection.

Gift Guide: Super Stylish Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas

2. I’m loving the shape of these handmade ceramic mugs. And the colors. And the texture. Check them out here.  Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 15 Unique Handmade Gifts from Etsy

created at: 11/04/2012

Every year, the holidays seem to creep up faster and faster than the one before. Did you notice that? So, let’s get a head start this year. Here are 15 handmade Etsy gifts that even your coolest and most-difficult friends to buy for will love.   

etsy notebook

1. Perfect Bound A5 Notebook $6.25

modern felt iphone case

2. Felt and Leather iPhone Case $14


3. Handmade French Rolling Pins $58

artist made 2013 wall calendar

4. Leah Duncan 2013 Wall Calendar $32

handmade scarf gift for the holidays

5. The Petworth Cowl in Storm $45

small modern votives

6.  Continue Reading

Oreo Art: Hand-Carved Cookie Cameos!

created at: 02/23/2012

Bad manners?  Psh!  Playing with your food is art.  At least when Massachusetts-based artist Judith Klausner does it.  I mean, have you ever seen such an intricately-carved, cookie cream cameo?   


created at: 02/23/2012

In her most recent series of creations, which applies Victorian-era handicraft techniques to modern, packaged foods, Klausner seeks to explore “how the intertwined histories of gender and craft have shaped one another and our everyday lives”.  It’s an interesting approach, to say the least.  Check out more of this series, which includes cross-stitched cereal, embroidered toast, and even wallpaper made from condiments, over on Judith’s portfolio. Continue Reading

Design Blogger Wish List: Lish Dorset of Craftzine

created at: 12/12/2011

created at: 12/12/2011This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they’d like to receive this year. Today, we’re excited to welcome Lish Dorset of the amazing modern handmade site, Craft!

Ever since Halloween I’ve been following the no-buying request my family has asked me to observe and it’s been tough! There are so many great holiday kits and treats out this year.
Continue Reading

Design Blogger Wish List: Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts

created at: 12/08/2011

created at: 12/08/2011This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they’d like to receive this year. Today, we’re excited to welcome Ez Pudewa, the founder and editor of Creature Comforts, one of our favorite handmade lifestyle and design blogs.

Hi there! My name is Ez (pronounced ee-zee) and I am most often found on my blog Creature Comforts where I write about DIY craftiness, share my photography, and post design inspirations…as well as any other thing that strikes my fancy. Continue Reading

Curbly Gift Guide: 23 Fine and Fabulous Hand-Crafted Gifts!

created at: 11/17/2011

If your DIY skills aren’t quite up to snuff, but you’re still wanting to give handmade gifts to loved ones and friends, you’re in luck!  We’ve rounded up 23 fabulous hand-crafted items from talented artists, craftsmen, and creators across the Internet.  Enjoy!   


created at: 11/17/2011

1. Wallets and Accessories by Sewlutions

2. Handmade Soap by Revive

3. Wood and Leather Home Goods by Peg and Awl

4. Felt Tech Accessories by Byrd&Belle

5. Ceramic Housewares by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

created at: 11/17/2011

6. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Paint Chip Holiday Card & Gift Tag Ideas

The very colorful nature of paint chips make them a perfect medium to make handmade Christmas cards.

The first example, pictured above, is a simple design using traditional Christmas colors along with a stamped message. Go here to see what else was used in its construction.

Although not technically very Christmas-y, in the appropriate colors these paint chip place cards will brighten any holiday table. See the tute at Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog.

Here’s another great and super simple place card idea from Rustic Wedding Chic. Continue Reading

MORE Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Stitched Christmas Cards

Our first post about easy, handmade Christmas Card Ideas (link) was a hit, so it seemed like a good time to infuse the Curbly coffers with even MORE easy handmade Christmas card ideas. 

I adore Fern’s stitched Christmas cards (pictured above), and even though they might look a little tricky, they aren’t. All you need is some blank cards (or cardstock), some pretty scrapbook papers and a sewing machine. Head on over to Craft Blog for all the details.     Continue Reading