The Chapter Wall

created at: 07/28/2011

If you’d come into my home, you’d see the occasional punctuation (@ and &) hanging on the walls as well as a framed dictionary entry (triptych), but never EVER in my life had I considered transcribing an entire chapter of a book onto a wall. But that’s exactly what Liz did in just TWO WEEKS. What literary creation did she honor with such an endeavor? The Tale of the Three Brothers chapter from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Continue Reading

How to make moving pictures, Harry Potter style!


Have you heard? The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, opens today, and Photojojo is celebrating in the most magical way. They show us how to make moving pictures, just like in The Daily Prophet. For you Muggles, that’s the newspaper that serves as the vehicle for the Minestry of Magic to disseminate its agenda, which should not be confused with The Quibbler, the wizarding world’s equivalent of The National Enquirer, which actually reports a factual story now and then. Continue Reading