Learn How to Turn Wood

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If you see really beautifully turned wooden bowls, like at an art fair, stop and take a look. It’s easy to overlook how much time goes into making a wood bowl on a lathe. This has to be due to the abundance of mass-produced, zero personality wooden bowls on the market.

created at: 07/22/2010

To see a bowl in this lump of wood, well, it’s beyond me.

But look! It’s taking shape.

created at: 07/22/2010

Hollowing out the inside.

created at: 07/22/2010

Awww nuts! Due to a sap ball, the wood was defective, but can still make a beautiful piece of sculptural art. Continue Reading

10 Most Necessary Places to Purge

created on: 12/26/08

Holiday excitement has been replaced with the urge to purge, cleaning out cabinets and closets that is…

¬† Here are the top 10 places I will be excavating this week. Once accomplished, I’ll be able to hit the ground running on January 1, 2009. That feeling supplies¬†a much needed boost during these short, cloudy days and helps ease the post-holiday slump.

Make sure your list is do-able so you can start 2009 on a high note. Continue Reading