A Holiday Mantel Makeover: No Mantel? No Problem.

Christmas Mantel Makeover: No Mantle, No Worries.

A couple years ago, we designed a fireplace mantel facade for our fireplace. Although we still love it’s Scandinavian and modern vibes, this year we decided to focus on our fireplace as-is! Sometimes, you have to just work with what you have and go with it. Here’s how you can give any mantel-less fireplace a simple Christmas makeover!  


Christmas Mantle Makeover: No Mantle, No Worries

Start with clearing out the surroundings or rearranging your furniture a bit to see what you have to work with.   Continue Reading

Decorate Your Home with Cozy Holiday Luminaries

DIY holiday luminaries made from an aluminum sheet and thread
In partnership with the Home Depot

Wintertime is in full swing here in Minnesota. Early in the week we experienced a few rounds of snow and ice, resulting in the outdoors being treacherous and uninviting. While I definitely have holiday-related errands to run this weekend, staying off the roads and keeping indoors is pretty tempting. I’m a homebody for certain, and I’ve learned how to keep the stir-crazies away during these colder months. Part of staying sane while being stuck inside has to do with how you light your home. Continue Reading

You Can Totally Make These: Hand-Painted Scandinavian Stockings

Make These: Hand-painted Scandinavian-inspired stockings

Guess what? Christmas is almost here! I'm super excited, and grateful that I can finally start to decorate my home for the holidays. Last year I went for a Scandinavian-theme with my holiday decor, and this year I'm continuing the motif. I love the care and simplicity of the Nordic patterns that pop up during this season, and I decided I wanted to replicate those patterns on some hand-painted Scandinavian stockings. It was easier than it looks – keep reading to see how it works!                Continue Reading

Bet You Didn’t Know Shelf Liner Could Be This Festive!

DIY window decals - These aren't regular paper snowflakes!

Here in the frozen north (a.k.a. Minnesota), no one really likes snow. As soon as those first puffy flakes come tumbling down from the sky, you can almost hear a unanimous groan echoing across the state. We experienced our first snowfall the weekend after Halloween, and no one was happy about it… except for me. I love the snow! Granted, I'm not from here, so maybe it's just a matter of me not being sick of it yet. Continue Reading

Holiday Decorating with a DIY Dipped Ornament Display

I think it's safe to say Christmas is upon us, and holiday decorating is my favorite time of year! As fun as it is to decorate my home, I tend to stray away from traditional reds and greens for Christmas, so I incorporated pink and a light green color into my decorating with this DIY dipped ornament display that fits in perfectly to my dining room gallery wall. Using lightweight plastic ornaments and twine, this almost-rustic piece of decor fits in well with anyone's home! Continue Reading

How to: Add Some Fun Flair to the Holidays with a No-Sew Donut Tree Skirt

DIY Donut Tree Skirt

My love for donuts has infiltrated Christmas this year! My bare Christmas tree was in need of a new skirt, so I went ahead and made a DIY donut tree skirt out of felt, complete with colorful sprinkles. The best part…no sewing needed! 

 Because I don’t consider myself an excellent sewer (sew-er? sewist?), I thought it would be ideal to find a way to make a tree skirt without having to sew it together, making it a quick and easy project for crafters of any experience level. Continue Reading