60 Unique DIY Hostess Gifts For Every Occasion

60 Unique DIY Hostess Gifts For Every Occasion | By Curbly #diy #hostess #gifts
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Although it's hard to believe, it's almost that time of year when holiday parties start occupying most weekends. Most people's go-to gift for these kinds of events is usually a bottle of wine, but sometimes it's nice to surprise your hostess with something different. Here are 60 fantastic DIY hostess gifts that you can start thinking about ahead of time to avoid excessive holiday stress.   


60 Unique DIY Hostess Gifts For Every Occasion | By Curbly #diy #hostess #gifts
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When To Bring A Hostess Gift

Any time you are invited to a formal gathering of any kind, you should consider bringing a hostess gift. Continue Reading

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gift Ideas

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts

It’s that time of year… when you start getting invitations for holiday parties and get-togethers. Which means you’ll need some small gifts to thank the hostess for having you. Here are ten of our favorite easy DIY hostess gifts.   


10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts
Photo: Daisy Mae Belle

1. Give them this simmering potpourri by Daisy Mae Bell… it will make any home smell delicious! 

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts
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2. These monogrammed hand towels by Martha Stewart would make a great gift too.  Continue Reading

Curbly Roundup: Wine Bottle Beautification

created at: 12/22/2010

‘Tis the season of hostess gifts, and for those who imbibe, one of the most appreciated will be a bottle of wine. Sure, you can hand the bottle over naked or in the cheesy bag the liquor store hands out this time of year, but wouldn’t you rather give something pretty? Something that says ‘I care enough to do a little diy’? Of course you would! That’s why I’ve scoured the internets to find the very best wine bottle wraps, cozies, bags and tags tutorials. Continue Reading