9 Tips for an Amazing (or at Least Tolerable) Road Trip with Your Pet

Traveling with dogs and cats - 9 tips for a less stressful road trip

Pets. We love them, and sometimes when we’re traveling, we don’t want to leave them. Whether it’s because your boarding situation isn’t ideal, or you just can’t imagine going on a vacation without them, you want to make sure you and your dog (or cat!) are prepared for a pleasant and non-stressful road trip. I’ve hit the road a few times with this furry lady pictured here, and after a few hundred hours in the car together, we’ve learned a thing or two.  Continue Reading

A Real Sandcastle in the Desert

From the picture above, this sandcastle might look like a detailed miniature complete with tiny palm trees, but it is, in fact, a full-size hotel located in Egypt. Located near Siwa Lake and the Great Sand Sea, the Adrere Amellal resort was constructed of materials available within a 20 mile radius. That includes all the furniture too, which was carved from local trees. Its gorgeous pool is fed by an ancient Roman spring. Reports say that the hotel has no electricity, but with open roofs, plentiful windows and dozens and dozens of oil lamps, guests probably don’t mind. Continue Reading

Make a Hotel-Inspired Key Rack

Suzanne spotted this hotel key rack on Mothology and, like all good DIYers, decided to make one of her own. Here’s what she used to construct her version:

  • some leftover tongue & groove planks
  • a frame
  • Gorilla super glue
  • Americana Walnut gel stain
  • Americana Mississippi Mud & Slate Gray acrylic paint
  • a paint brush
  • paper towels
  • K & Company metal labels, from the scrapbook aisle
  • cup hooks, sprayed with Rus-Oleum metallic bronze
  • chalk
  • ruler
  • brass platted 1/2″ nails
  • needle-nose plier

After everything was said and done, Suzanne had this to show for all her work:

To see how you can accomplish the same, visit this post on Remodelaholic. Continue Reading

The most unique & stylish hotel rooms you have ever seen.


We’ve all seen pictures of ‘themed’ hotel rooms before, but the Fox Hotel in Copenhagen has done something that should really set the standard for all those other ambiance-attempting options. What Fox did was enlist the help of 21 street artists, illustrators and graphic designers from all corners of the world. The result is a very unique and stylish collection of 61 rooms. Okay, so they aren’t at theme-y as say an Arabian Nights room….I’ll Continue Reading

The Weymouth Beach Sand Castle Hotel

In an effort to entice Brits to vacation at their own seaside resorts, sand sculptor Mark Anderson created a sand hotel on Weymouth Beach, UK. The hotel will be on display until July 27th. No word if you can actually book a ‘room’ in the giant sand castle, but if you’re really interested, your best bet is to contact LateRooms.com.  Via Uncooped.

citizenM’s Pre-Fab Hotel Rooms

Slated to open in early 2008 is a hotel in Amsterdam called citizenM, short for 'citizen mobile'. Their concept of a hotel room strips away the extraneous like water fountains in the vestibule and keeps all those things savvy travelers actually want. ‘Modern design, friendly technology and the proximity to a city,’ is what citizenM will offer and all at an ‘accessible price’. How they accomplish this feat stems from the hotel’s construction. It’s called ‘Industrial Flexible Demountable’, and it means that their 14 meter square rooms are pre-made in their own off-site factory. Continue Reading

Living in a Comic Strip

The Art Hotel in Berlin (Arte Luise Kunsthotel) prides itsef on the eccentric and unique interior design of its building. Every room is different and original:

The concept of this somewhat different hotel – “art instead of grandeur, poetry instead of room service” – is winning guests over.

Let's take a tour…

In the 'Comic' room, every corner and angle is outlined with a thin, hand-drawn black line to gift the effect of being in a cartoon. Continue Reading