Weekend Project: A Unique House Numbers DIY Made of Faux Grass

We’ve featured plenty of great DIY house number projects, like this mid-century DIY option and these house numbers made of nails, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that involved grass! Until now. Have you? Click through to learn how to make your own version of this green and modern house number project.    

Laura Gummerman takes you through the process of building these quirky, cool house numbers from scratch, over on A Beautiful Mess. Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Mid-Century Modern DIY Projects

created at: 06/13/2012

It’s modernism month here at the Curbs so, naturally, a roundup of our favorite MCM-inspired DIY projects was in order! Happy DIY-ing!     

1. DIY Eames-Inspired Drinking Glasses

2. DIY Eames Hang-It-All

3. DIY Cathrineholm Candle Holders

4. DIY Asterisk Clock

created at: 06/13/2012

5. DIY Noguchi-Inspired Coffee Table

6. DIY MCM Chandelier

7. DIY Sputnik Chandelier

8. DIY George Nelson-Inspired Outdoor Slat Bench

created at: 06/13/2012

9. DIY Mid-Century Modern House Numbers

10. DIY Modern Bird Feeder

11. DIY George Nelson Case Study-Inspired Bed

12. Continue Reading

Eye-Catching House Numbers

created at: 10/18/2011

One of my biggest pet peeves when I’m visiting someone for the first time is trying to find the miniscule house numbers next to the front door, garage, or wherever.  The frustration alone is enough to scrap the trip altogether.  Here’s a unique idea for displaying house numbers that would draw even me right in!   Ok, so maybe the Space Station wouldn’t be able to miss this house.  Even so, I love the clever use of license plates and scrap pieces of metal tubing in bright colors.  Continue Reading

How To Make Cement-on-a-Stick House Numbers


It has been a cement factory over at Chez Larsson as she’s been competing in the Panduro Cement Challenge. I’d explain more, but the Panduro site is written in Swedish, which doesn’t happen to be my second language. I’ll tell you what, this girl can make cement molds! I’d give her the award just for the molds. She explains the do’s and don’ts and her entire process very clearly. As usual, she posts perfect photographs. Continue Reading

Tiered Terra-Cotta Planter

Amy’s tiered terra-cotta planter is not only a darling home for her petunias, it also serves as her house number sign. She assures us it is an ‘easy peasy’ project. Here’s what it requires:    

  • Three terracotta pots: one small, one medium, one large
  • One terracotta saucer to fit the largest pot (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Thompson’s Water Seal spray
  • Spray paint
  • Acrylic craft paint and foam brush
  • Stencil (Amy created one using a sheet of card stock and her Cricut)
  • Paint Pen
  • Bricks
  • Potting soil
  • Crushed Coke cans

For the entire tute, head on over to Positively Splendid. Continue Reading