It’s Not Macramé! Make This Plant Hanger Using a Different Technique

It's not macramé, it's crochet! Make this plant hanger!

I've been wanting to try my hand at making a macramé plant hanger for a bit, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. It got me thinking though… macramé is a knot-tying craft, and crocheting is basically knot tying, but with more loops. Could I make a crochet plant hanger instead? The answer is: yes! And you can too. Even if you've never crocheted before, I'm here to walk you through it.           

Make This!: DIY crochet plant hanger

This pattern is for the size of planter that I'm using specifically. Continue Reading

Move Over, Air Plants – There’s a New Trend in Town

Move over, Air Plants. You've got competition. (Marimo Moss Balls 101)

We are toe-deep in this air plant trend (I say only toe deep because they are very teeny plants). Also known as tillandsia, air plants are are everywhere you look. If you’re like me and you’re always on the hunt for an easy-to-care-for plant, chances are you owned at least one. Air plants are cool because they require no dirt, but what if I told you there was a plant that requires no watering because it lives in water?? Continue Reading

The Internet is Magic, and You Can Buy All Your Houseplants Online

Where to Buy Houseplants Online - 10 online retailers

The internet is a beautiful thing. Anything and everything exists there, including online shops that will sell and ship houseplants to your home. It's basically an introverted millennial's dream (that's me, btw). I am fortunate enough to have a lot of nurseries and plant shops in my area, which is where most of my greens come from. I'd never considered that I could buy houseplants online, but after discovering how easy/cheap/non-confrontational it is, I have several green babies bookmarked on my computer. Continue Reading

10 Gorgeous Bathroom-Friendly Plants

10 Gorgeous Bathroom-Friendly Plants (With Pictures!)
Photo: Marie Claire Maison

The bathroom may seem like a challenging place to grow houseplants, but it’s actually one of the best spots in the house for certain types of plants. The key is identifying which will work best for the lighting in your particular bathroom. Click through to check out a variety of ideas for both low-light and sunny bathrooms.   


For Low-Light Bathrooms


10 Gorgeous Bathroom-Friendly Plants (With Pictures!)
Photo: Homedit

1. Bamboo – Bamboo is a low maintenance plant to begin with, and it needs very little light to survive. Continue Reading

Make These! La Croix Can Succulent Planters

La Croix Planter DIY | Succulents + Sparkling Water = AWESOME

There are two things that I'm currently obsessing over: plants and sparkling water. My love of greenery has been ramping up since the springtime, but my La Croix crush is still pretty fresh. I don't know how it happened – I've never cared for carbonated, unsweetened beverages before this, but I'm literally poppin' a can of La Croix every day now. To combine these two trends, I present to you the La Croix planter project. If you have five minutes to spare, this is the craft for you!        Continue Reading

Make Quick, Easy Embroidered Wall Art With This Secret Weapon: The Punch Needle!

How to embroidery easy wall art using our new favorite tool!

I've been crafting for a fairly long time (I won't say how long because I don't want to date myself). In all my years of making stuff I can't believe it took me this long to discover the embroidery tool I'm using to create this easy wall art. I first stumbled across this technique on social media. Someone had posted a “Work in Progress” video, and they were causally punching away at some fabric, creating embroidered lines at breakneck speed. Continue Reading

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

I’ve seen this phrase tumbling around on the internet for a while now: “Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady.” To that I say, why not both? I only say that because I am a die-hard cat lover who has recently discovered her love of indoor jungles. The good news is you can totally go crazy in both cat and plant departments – you just have to be smart about it. There are plenty of easily-accessible houseplants out there that are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.  Continue Reading

Seriously Effective DIY Apartment Upgrades That Won’t Tick Off Your Landlord

Upgrade your rental apartment without ticking off your landlord!

Apartment-living, like anything in life, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Con: the walls are so thin you can hear your next door neighbors breathing. Pro: when the 20-year-old fridge in your kitchen inevitably breaks, you’re not the one who has to replace it! I’ve been living in rentals for about eight years now, and while one day I’d like to buy a little fixer-upper of my own, for now I’m figuring out how to enjoy the temporary spaces I inhabit. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Houseplants Even College Students Can Keep Alive

8 dorm room plants feature image


White cinder block walls. Or worse yet, beige cinder block walls. These are the things of which typical dorm rooms are made. And although they’re often cave-like, there’s nothing natural about them. To add a bit of much needed life and color plants are the perfect option. And…not only do they provide companionship (seriously), if you  care for them, they’ll take care of you in return by cleaning the air. Of course taking care of them is the tricky bit, especially if you’re a college student with a busy schedule and have a dorm room with less than optimal natural light. Continue Reading

You Should Really Buy Some Houseplants (and a House, Too)

The Curbly House (2012)

If you currently don't have houseplants, then maybe you should think about buying a house (remember, last week I talked about why you shouldn't). Then you'll be able to buy some plants for it! But let me back up and explain what I'm getting at:

A houseplant is a pain in the ass. It's something that requires near-constant attention, and rewards that attention with nothing more than the simple act of not dying, and, therefore, requiring even more attention. Continue Reading