82 Things To Do With Your Boo on Valentine’s Day (That Don’t Involve Dinner Reservations)

Looking for something fun to do with your boo on Valentine's day? Here are 82 fun date ideas that don't involve calling ahead.

Valentine’s Day is almost here! The older I get, the more sentimental I become – meaning I really enjoy February 14th. I understand that it’s a silly holiday, but it feels sillier to hate on a holiday that’s all about love. That being said, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a gross amount of money on dinner, flowers, and gifts in order to have a great time with your partner. The whole fancy dinner thing is a little played out. There are far better ways to celebrate love and make memories with your significant other. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Knitted Wire Chairs!

created at: 10/13/2011

Whether your Eames wire chair has seen better days or you just feel like having some fun with your furniture, this DIY idea offers a clever handmade touch!  


Akira Ishikawa is credited with this idea* (though we can’t find a link–if you can dig one up, please share big thank you to CheesePirate for hunting down the link!) over on ReCraft.  What purists may call blasphemous, I call a playful, non-permanent way of mixing things up on the decor front!   Continue Reading

Genius DIY Decorating Tool: Paint Chip Keychain

created at: 05/05/2011

If you’re in the process of decorating your space, this may be the single most helpful tool you could own: a paint chip keychain custom-made from your own color palette!  It’s a simple DIY project that will make shopping for furniture, fabric, or accessories that much easier.  

Kristi Linauer shared this brilliant idea on her blog Addicted 2 Decorating, explaining “I just never knew when I’d pop into the fabric store, or find myself looking at rugs or artwork. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Plywood Countertops

created at: 04/11/2011

Like many people living in the ‘burbs, our kitchen counters boast that favorite of builder-grade materials: laminate.  We desperately want to replace them with something more in line with our style (and budget) and have tossed around the idea of DIY concrete counters or going the IKEA butcher block route.  But then I saw this: countertops made from plywood.  

Yes, plywood!  That’s not a material I would have ever considered for kitchen counters, would you?  I like the overall look in the Scandinavian-styled cottage (above) and think it works fairly well in the kitchen below.   Continue Reading

An Over-the-Moon Birthday

Our daughter, Ayla, is crazy about the moon (does that make her a lunatic?); she talks about it all the time, and can spot it anywhere in the sky, day or night. Also (unbeknownst to us when we chose it), her name means ‘moon halo’ in Turkish. So when it came time for her second birthday party, we knew just the theme:

Moon decorations for a birthday party.

Alicia made these great moon decorations out of craft foam and tissue paper. Continue Reading

Three Nature-Inspired Stools to Make Yourself

created at: 12/28/2010

One huge trend as of late has been nature-inspired furniture and decor, especially log stools and side tables: they’re Scandinavian, rustic, and modern all at once, which may explain some of the allure.  I’ve seen them all over the Internet and from just about every online retailer.  The problem is, most of these bad boys cost a ridiculously pretty penny and I’m willing to bet you could DIY them for a whole lot less.  

Most of these log stools and tables are plain stumps, sanded down and gussied up (like this one from West Elm that goes to the tune of $200 – one of the cheaper variations out there).  Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Unconventional Christmas Trees That Will Have You Re-Thinking The Fir

created at: 12/01/2010

As a tradition, my husband and I usually go on the day after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree with his family.  There’s a special lot that has our preferred species (Balsam Firs – I love how skinny and open they are, which is great for showcasing ornaments.  Take a peek at our tree from last year to see what I mean).  This year, though, we were out of town and to this day are still treeless, which is nearly blasphemous.  Continue Reading

Reclaimed Gym Floor Wall Hooks

created at: 11/10/2010Reclaimed gym floor wall hooks??  How clever!  Before you grab your wallet and get to ordering though, check out how to create a reclaimed wood wall treatment.  Totally adaptable to a wall hook feature, right?  If you’re itching for some color, mask off a similar design and grab your favorite spray paint.  Easy.  Done.

For instant gratification, you can purchase the above pictured wall hook from UncommonGoods for $125.

Roundup: 20 Easy Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

created at: 11/02/2010

Admittedly, I’m a bit of an under-decorator.  I prefer the most minimal of minimal centerpieces (this was my centerpiece from xmas ’09, for example).  As such, I’m always on the lookout for super-simple centerpiece ideas that are a) modern and b) inexpensive.  And of course, unique and easy.  Fortunately, the following centerpiece ideas are all that – and more!  

Real Simple really out did themselves with this collection of 20 5-minute centerpieces for every occasionContinue Reading