You’re Never Too Old to Make a Flower Press

Make this DIY flower press from wood and bolts

I received my first flower press when I turned nine years old – maybe eight? The point is it was forever ago. I got it as a birthday gift from my best friend. The flower press came with a small instructional booklet on how to collect and preserve colorful wildflowers. On the front of the press was an illustration of Anne of Green Gables, happily picking florals and putting them into a giant basket. I still have that flower press, all these years later, with flowers wedged between the pages that are as old as the press itself. Continue Reading

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Male

created at: 01/31/2011

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, so it’s high time we bust out some gift guides!  If you’ve got a modern male on your sweetheart list, here are fourteen gift ideas he’s sure to love.  


created at: 01/31/2011

1.  Eames Arrow Serigraph – straight to the heart: $40

2.  Shop Rag Kit – for the well-appointed garage and design-loving man: $15

3.  Plywood Chairs Messenger Bag – Mid-Century devotion: $39


created at: 01/31/2011

4.  Reclaimed Wood iPhone Cradle – nothing says “love” more than wood and tech: $74*

5.  Continue Reading

Plan 59 – Retro Illustration Resource

Plan 59 is an online museum and gift shop of mid-century illustrations and art. Full of vintage advertising images, sales literature, and just plain old retro art, it’s the kind of place in which you can get lost for hours. They even have a collection entitled “Decor” where you can resource and get inspiration for your own mid-century spaces.


Many of the images are also available as a digital print. Head to Plan59 to learn more. Continue Reading

The Brick Testament: The Bible Told in Lego.

“When it comes to telling stories with Lego, Brendan Powell Smith isn't messing around.  He turned to the greatest story ever told for inspiration.  The Brick Testament is a collection of photos illustrating [Biblical narratives] using only real Lego pieces from the 60's to today.”

In total, The Brick Testament has Legoed over 336 Biblical stories.

Click here to check out the Brick Testament Book on Amazon.

Via and quote: Retro Thing.