Before and After: A Bathroom Transformed

Our guest bathroom was in sorry shape- cracked floor tiles, vanity falling apart, even the toilet wasn’t salvageable. So, we knew it was due for a major overhaul.

Here’s what we planned:

  • Retile the floor: It was obvious that the subfloor was uneven causing the tiles to break apart. We needed to remove all the tile and put down concrete board to provide a nice, even surface.
  • New vanity: The bathroom vanity was original to the house, and 25 years old!
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9 Ways to Save Money on DIY Projects

created at: 05/20/2011

Spring is the time for working on home improvement projects. If you’re thinking about stocking up on supplies for an upcoming improvement, or are finally feeling empowered to attack that to-do list, consider these ideas to save when DIYing.

1. Big Box Vs. Small Stores 
For the frugal consumer, shopping smart is always a logical first step. When you’re shopping at the big-box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes, there are always deals going down. Continue Reading

How To: Create Unique, Rustic Window Trim

created at: 02/22/2011

This, my friends, is a blank slate. It’s also a slightly fuzzy picture (sorry about that) of a very large unfinished window in a room I would one day like to sleep in instead of living in a garage. Ah, wishful thinking. But daydreaming aside, something had to be done with this thing and after a week of painting I was so ready to break out the power tools.

Unless you’re in the middle of new construction, I’d venture to say that “window trim” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of design elements of a room. Continue Reading

Curbly Recession Busters: Subway Tile Backsplash for Under $95.00

created on: 10/23/08

My tiling project in the kitchen that cost less than $95.00 and one weekend opens up all sorts of new decorating possibilities.  Constrained by the in-your-face handpainted tiles of a decade ago, there was limited flexibility in color choices. Keeping permanent fixtures neutral and changing up paint, art, and kitchen chair upholstery makes much more sense, both financially and visually.  I even feel a little smug that I’m living with my less-than-beloved painted white cabinets as a testament to my commitment to improve, rather than throw away.  Continue Reading