15 Plant Ladies You Need to Start Following on Instagram

Plant ladies to start following on Instagram - D'Ana Joi

I, in typical millennial fashion, am obsessed with houseplants. It's a recent obsession, one I only came upon over the past two years. It all started with a single succulent that I scooped up for free because someone was going to toss it in the trash. I took that succulent home, and shortly after, learned how to propagate it. My one succulent turned into two, and then three, and from there on out, I was hooked. Continue Reading

The Best Social Media Accounts for When You Need a Freaking Break

Best social media accounts for when you need a break

The news is generally disheartening. Work is stressful. Bills keep coming every month. My washing machine is making a weird sound. Life is rough, right? I need a break! Sometimes I just want to stare at my phone and enjoy myself for a minute. The problem is that scrolling through social media – a once relaxing and enjoyable experience – has turned into a version of hell all its own. Some accounts on Instagram are annoying. Continue Reading

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Here for More Than the Pictures

15 Instagram accounts to follow if you're in it for more than the pictures
Source: @thegoodquote

I love Instagram. It's the app on my phone that I reflexively open when I unlock the screen. I love swiping through stories to see what my friends are up to, and scrolling through my feed to spy and fawn over famous strangers. Instagram has been around for a while, and over time it's morphed from its beginnings as a “photo only” social media platform. From overheard conversations to motivational phrases, there's much more on Instagram to keep me opening the app again and again. Continue Reading

19 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You’re In a Clean & Minimal Mood

19 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You're In A Minimal Mood

Once January hits, I'm always in the mood to simplify. But like most people, I need a bit of inspiration to get me going on my quest for a more minimal lifestyle. So today I'm sharing 19 of my favorite minimalist Instagram accounts, ranging in everything from decor to architecture to travel. Click through to take a peek!     


19 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You're In A Minimal Mood
Photo: sylvie.lsltth

1. sylvie.lsltth: Sylvie shares deliciously simple, monochromatic images of interiors, exteriors and vignettes with a minimal Scandinavian vibe. Continue Reading

18 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Obsessed with House Exteriors


Who to follow on Instagram if houses are your jam!

When it comes to people, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. When it comes to houses, the outside can be pretty impressive too! Here at Curbly we love a good-lookin’ exterior, so we’re sharing with you a few of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow if you love the look of a beautiful home. From mansions to tiny houses, old and new alike – we’ve got you covered.       


Follow These Home Exterior Insta Accounts | No. 1: Patticake Wagner

1. Patticake Wagner: Starting with a local to the Twin Cities, Patti strolls around Minneapolis finding the cutest and classiest houses on the block. Continue Reading

10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following

10 woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following


If you’re not in love with Instagram, maybe you’ve been living under a rock. Or maybe you’ve just been busy and haven’t had time to really explore the millions of amazing accounts out there just bursting with inspiring images. If you’re into woodwork (can I get a heyyy?!), here are 10 beautiful accounts you should follow right now! Go ahead. Go get your phone.      


1. Follow @_amy_grigg_ for great ideas and pics like these, of her hand made bowls. Continue Reading

12 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Love Interiors

We all love interiors and home decor around here. And I’m guessing that most of you are also fans of Instagram. So, lets combine the two with this list of the coolest interior accounts to follow on Instagram. Click through for all 12!


Photo: The Design Files

1. So much interior inspiration! The Design Files on Instagram

Photo: Orlando Soria

2. Orlando Soria. You may recognize his name because he is the creative director at Homepolish and has an amazing eye for design. Continue Reading

Bake It: Homemade “Insta-Graham” Cookies

created at: 01/22/2013

Bahaha… “Insta-Graham” cookies. Pure silliness, but so nerdy, I just might have to make some.     

Or make someone make them for me, because I tend towards laziness when it comes to fancy foodstuffs. If YOU are that lucky person who is so generously offering to make them for me *ahem*, check out the how-to on Bakerella!

Sidebar: Y’all should totally follow Curbly on Instagram while we’re on the subject. Just sayin’.