How To: Impress Everyone with Perfect Gift Wrapping

created at: 12/20/2011My dad used to do grunt work at a hospital, and one of his responsibilities was to make the beds and get them ready for new patients.  He became very good and fast and pretty much expected us kids to have perfectly made beds after imparting upon us the “right way” to make a bed.  So, what does this have to do with wrapping presents, you ask?   Because I became an expert sheet-tucker, I inadvertently became pretty darn good at wrapping presents too- the technique is one in the same.  Continue Reading

How to: Make Life-Size DIY Birch Tree Trunk Wall Art

created at: 08/26/2010

 These life-size birch trunks are made from cut-up cereal boxes and left-over house paints. This is an excellent way to utilize packaging that usually ends up in the bin and  

some of those half empty buckets of paint that seem to perpetually lurk in the corners of every garage.

You will need:

Cereal Boxes (or Similar Packaging)

Left-over House or Wall Paint

White Glue

Packing Tape

Poster Gum

How To:

#1: Cut boxes into flat sections, arrange with wider sections at the base of trunk and narrower pieces at the top. Continue Reading

How to Organize Your Manuals, Warranties, and Instructions.

Though stereotypes abound, I (a man) love to read the paperwork and manuals that come with a new purchase. I'll sit down and read the whole thing before I even mess with my new gear, somewhat for safety and know-how, but mostly to prolong the excitement.

    And I keep all the manuals. There's boxes in my basement, and it takes way too long to sort through all the nonsense just to reference a quick setting. So, though they're not rocketscience, here's a few steps to organize, purge, and store all your instructions. Continue Reading