I’m Obsessed: 15 Gorgeous Home Decor Ideas Spotted While Traveling in France

It's easy to focus on design styles that surround you everyday, but sometimes it's important to escape the norm and check out something new. So when my husband and I traveled to France for our honeymoon last month, I came back totally inspired. Here are 15 of my favorite interiors (and a few exteriors) that highlight the trends I noticed along the way.   


I'm Obsessing: 15 Gorgeous Home Decor Ideas Spotted While Traveling in France
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

1. Rattan – These giant pendants hung from the ceiling of the restaurant at Carrieres de Lumieres, an interactive art show displayed on the walls of a cave (Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds!). Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 7 Neutral Interiors With High-Impact Art!

created at: 05/11/2012

Just because your walls and furniture are Neutral City, USA doesn’t mean you can’t bring color in! My favorite way to do that is through big, bright, high-impact art. Here are a few spaces that do that well–and with some serious flair.      

1. Rich, natural-wood walls and furniture mix well with white accents… and provide the perfect canvas for large works of colorful art! See more of this space on RedneckModern.

created at: 05/11/2012

2. This Swiss house, full of neutral greys, whites, and warm woods, is the perfect backdrop to a colorful work of art! Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Colorful Bedrooms to Delight and Inspire!

created at: 02/27/2012

Move over beige!  Today we’re welcoming bold, energizing colors with open arms–and giving neutrals the boot.  We’ve rounded up ten hue-happy bedrooms that are sure to inspire the colorholic in all of us!   


created at: 02/27/2012

1. This is pretty much my dream bedroom (you simply MUST see the rest of this house)! See more at Stamberg Aferiat Architecture. Photo by Paul Warchol.

created at: 02/27/2012

2. Wallpaper scraps applied to plywood is a simple and affordable way to add visual interest to any room!   Continue Reading

Slides in Houses: The Top 5 Coolest Indoor Slides!

created at: 11/30/2011

When I grow up, my dream house is definitely going to have a slide!  And probably a secret bookshelf door, a hedge maze, and a moat filled with spicy queso… but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Slides!  In houses!  Here are our top five picks (in no particular order).   


1. This slide resides in an East Village Penthouse, that lucky duck.  Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects.

created at: 11/30/2011

2. Designed by Ab Rogers, this slide is part of The Rainbow House, a colorful home located in London.   Continue Reading

Industrial Meets PINK

Industrial loft with some splashes of pink

When you picture an industrial interior, do you also picture pink? I know I don’t, which is why this space made my eyebrows do that one up/one down thing they sometimes do when I’m confused. Initially, I wasn’t sure about the color choice, but the more I looked at it, the more I now think it works perfectly. Something about the juxtaposition of the cold/hard with the warm/soft. How about you? Do you think the pink + industrial coupling works?  Continue Reading

Eye Candy: Scrumptious Bohemian Interiors

Imagine approaching your next room re-do with an anything-goes, no rules decorating style. Does that sound like fun or does it sound like a recipe for disaster? Done the right way, however, you could have something quite remarkable to show for your work.

The living room pictured above belongs to Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame whose wife, Kristen, just happens to be an interior designer. Elle Decor describes the Buckingham residence as “haute bohemia meets 1920 elegance.” Continue Reading

Warm and White Southern Oasis

created at: 10/12/2011

This lake home is open and airy. Both are acheived with the help of its color pallette, which is white and white and more white. Sounds like a lot of white, right? It is, but it also lends a lovely and inviting continuity.   

Combined with French antiques, reclaimed timbers and raw wood, the home is also warm and cozy. Alabama based Tracery Interiors was the team behind the look. For more pictures and info, follow this jump. Continue Reading

Shazam! A DIY Chevron Wall with Some Serious Shine!

created at: 05/25/2011

You’ve probably seen a few DIY chevron projects lately, but… holy mother of all chevrons!  This teal and silver wall blows all other chevron projects out of the water!  

Megan Stay, a super talented photographer and DIY junkie, was itching to get something – anything – up on her walls.  After weeks of stalking the “reject paint” bin at her local hardware store (and searching through all the inevitable buckets of not-quite-right beige) she found it: a perfect shade of teal.   Continue Reading

Home Tour: Modern Ranch Makeover

created at: 04/11/2011

It is no secret that the “ranch” was the go-to architectural style of the 1950’s. Check out how this family decided to update their Ranch home for an eclectic, modern feel.  

They paid homage to the home’s Mid-Century roots with choice pieces of furniture (notice the yummy Barecelona chair off to the side that I am publicly coveting), but added their own vibrant touches with items from other eras and with different tastes.

created at: 04/12/2011

Visit Domino and see the entire spread of this Ranch Style gem. Continue Reading

Makeover Mondays: A Return To Mid-Century Roots

created at: 03/21/2011

This Sherman Oaks, CA home got a much needed makeover: a return to its original design roots.  


created at: 03/21/2011

When homeowners Guy and Jennifer Genis first purchased this mid-century fixer-upper, it was encased in mahogany paneling and gold-veined mirrors installed by the previous owners.  Wanting to return to its modernist roots, they set about a year-long renovation with the help of designer Bryan Wark.  The result is a beautiful blend of old and new, with playful contrasts of texture and pattern throughout. Continue Reading