Interactive Ping Pong Table/Virtual Aquarium.



Craig Wisneski, Julian Orbanes, Ben Chun and Professor Hiroshi Ishii from MIT were quite busy. Ten years ago, they created PingPongPlus, an enhanced version of the classic game that “features a “reactive table” that incorporates sensing, sound, and projection technologies. Projectors display patterns of light and shadow on the table; bouncing balls leave images of rippling water; and the rhythm of play drives accompanying music and visuals.”

Don’t believe this amazing feat was accomplished in the 1990s? Continue Reading

The Lap Counter.

Dateline: Thanksgiving 1994(ish). Twelve-year-old Chris, in his holiday best, is betasked to peel the potatoes. Not wanting to miss the parade, I sneak the trashcan into the living room, and get with the de-eying. Meanwhile, the sous chefs continue to toss out the unusables into that spot where, you know, the rubbage bin is “supposed” to be.

Had Thomas Kral invented the clever and beautiful Lap Counter fifteen years earlier, I could have avoided the ten minute accusations of insidiousness that ensued…. Continue Reading

sQuba: The First Underwater Car.

“More than 30 years since Roger Moore's 007 put the idea into every guy's head, someone has finally replicated the underwater auto experience. Swiss design company Rinspeed has created the sQuba ($1.4 million), the world's first submersible car. Based on the Lotus Elise (it was a Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me), the all-electric convertible can drive you to the lake in style and then dive underwater to a depth of over 30 feet. Continue Reading

Hide your wires behind crown molding.

WireTracks CM kits turn regular crown molding into removable wiring channels that you can use to hide low voltage or electrical cables (check your local codes). They can be used for simple jobs such as getting wiring from the front of a home theater to the back. Or, they can be installed throughout a building to give building owners the ability to run wiring between any two points that are linked by connected walls. And because crown molding is installed above doorframes, it is easy to get uninterrupted coverage of an entire floor.” Continue Reading