The World’s Most Expensive Bed

And in the ‘let them eat cake category,’ we have British designer Stuart Hughes’ latest creation, a bed called the Baldacchino Supreme. It’s hand crafted of chestnut, ash and cherry wood and draped with Italian silk, but that’s not what results in the hefty price tag. Oh, no. The cost comes from its frosting of 24ct gold. One hundred and seven kg of the stuff to be exact. In today’s gold market, that alone adds 5 million bucks to the $6.4 Continue Reading

4 Hot Italian Font Wallpapers

Font decorating hasn’t captivated me, until now. These four rooms, dressed up in graphic font wallpapers by the Italian company Wall and Deco, have me rethinking this whole font decor thing. These walls add just the right character (Ha!, no pun intended) and would provide hours of obsessive word searching. Oh! Get a load of that duvet and pillow combo. Scrumptious.

Did you figure out the one you a steady handed DIY-er could easily knock-off?


Sanford Burrows: Modern, Italian & Luxe Bed Linens

Graphic designer turned home textile designer Jill Sanford Burrows found herself working and living in London when she was inspired to create something more tangible than marketing messages. Her interest drew her to home furnishings and bed linens in particular. For Jill, her new bed linen line had to be as much about quality as beauty. Her quest led to Italy where she found the craftsmanship to produce luxurious linens, where artisans combine their illustrious skill and Jill’s modern vision. Continue Reading

Architecture-Ace Ventura Style

The Vizcaya, East Terrace

You can imagine how surprised I was to see the facade of the Vizcaya in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. You know the scene; it’s the location of the big, fancy party. The one where Jim Carrey comes out of the bathroom, soaked to the skin, and says, “Do NOT go in there!”


The Vizcaya, built between 1914 and 1916 by International Harvester vice president James Deering, sits on the lip of Biscayne Bay in Miami, FL. Continue Reading