How to: Make a Jewelry Organizer That’s Cleverly Disguised as Wall Art!

Jewelry organizer cleverly disguised as wall art

I'll be the first to say that I adore those earring and necklace holders that are shaped like cacti or little porcelain animals. But they don't always hold a lot of jewelry, which means my vast collection of pendants ends up overflowing onto my dresser. So instead of using a whole bunch of little bowls that take up space, I thought I'd go down a different route and make myself a jewelry organizer that's hidden in plain sight. Continue Reading

How to Make a Rattan Jewelry Organizer

It happens every morning.

I pull on my shoes, search around for my keys, and realize I didn't put on my earrings yet. And as surely as I know that the bus is always running late, I know that I can't find the pair of earrings I want to wear.

Is it just me, or is jewelry one of the hardest things to keep organized??

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Make A Statement: DIY Clay Pendant Tassel Necklace

DIY Clay Pendant Tassel Necklace
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Every now and then we like to share a necklace tutorial over here at Curbly… and today is one of those days! This is no ordinary necklace tutorial though – this clay pendant tassel necklace is a bold, in-your-face statement piece that will surely garner compliments over and over again. And it’s really quite easy to make! So let’s get started.    



Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


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Make a Stylish Leather Pendant in Under 15 Minutes!

DIY stylish leather pendant in under 15 minutes!

Whenever I'm in need of new jewelry, I always turn to leather. It's one of those wonderful materials that's no mess, no fuss, AND the end result looks a million dollars. Now if that's not a crafter's dream, I don't know what is!          

Details of leather pendant necklace

Since going back to work (after taking a year off for maternity leave), I felt like I could use some new necklaces to wear to the office, so I whipped up these pendants using leather scraps I found in my craft drawers. Continue Reading

These Simple DIY Knotted Bracelets Were Made for Stacking

These Simple Knotted Bracelets were Made for Stacking

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with stackable bracelets made out of leather, hemp and other cording materials. Since all things do make a comeback, I wanted to return to my roots and make a set of stackable knotted bracelets that weren't macrame. I didn't think it was possible, but I may actually be getting sick of macrame (I know, crazy!) but these simple infinity knotted bracelets were a welcome change! Make a set of simple knotted bracelets with any cording material and use a sliding knot to adjust it to your wrist size, and they're great for stacking on your wrist.          Continue Reading

Make This! Minimal Leather Earrings

DIY leather earrings
Photos by Marlene Sauer

Raise your hand if you have trouble finding jewelry that you like! Modern and interesting jewelry at affordable prices can be such a unicorn, don't you think? Which is why jewelry is the perfect candidate for some good old DIY intervention!

I love rolling up my figurative sleeves to create unique, handmade accessories. My latest jewelry project is one you minimalists will love: DIY leather circle earrings.         

Make these! Leather earrings

These stylish earrings are a cinch to make and don't require any fancy tools.  Continue Reading

DIY Leather Earrings – The Perfect Christmas Gift That Won’t Break the Bank

DIY leather earrings - the perfect Christmas gift that won't break the bank

Stylish jewelry usually comes with a matching price tag, which can be disheartening if you’re shopping for a Christmas gift on a budget. 

But that doesn't mean you need to forgo the thoughtful present that you had your heart set on! There are plenty of ways to DIY pretty accessories that’ll wow your friends, and I’ll share one with you today using one of my favorite materials – leather. Keep reading to see how I made these affordable DIY leather earrings.            Continue Reading

Make This: Minimal Stud Earring Organizer

Minimal stud earring organizer you can make from a strip of leather

There's no shortage of organizers for earrings on the internet – that is, if you only wear dangling earrings. Me? I'm more of a stud woman. And since stud earrings are so tiny, it's even more frustrating when they get disorganized! Oh, the hours I have lost trying to find the other half of a pair of earrings. There aren't a slew of attractive organization options out there for purchase, which is exactly why I set to work making this stud earring organizer myself – and you can too!         Continue Reading

Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

I've tried multiple techniques for organizing earrings over the years, but dangling earrings tend to be more difficult to organize in an easy-to-manage way. Luckily, this simple DIY concrete earring tree does the trick and makes the perfect spot to hang several pairs of dangling earrings in a way that's easy to grab what I want and head out the door.          

 This simple T-stand style earring organizer is thin and light, so it's easy to store on your dresser, a shelf or even on your bathroom countertop. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Creative DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

10 Creative DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

This time of year, I’m all about organization (along with most of the rest of the world). And my costume jewelry collection is probably the area that needs the most help. So I went digging for some fun DIY projects to get myself organized. Here’s what I found.   


10 Creative DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

1. Make a customized burlap earring holder using this easy tutorial. [Photo: Positively Splendid]

2. Mirrors make a glamorous display… find out more here. [Photo: Homey Oh My]

10 Creative DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

3. Continue Reading