Try these Easy Twisted Macrame Keychains

Macrame has recently made a comeback, so I was excited to learn some of the basics for making macrame pieces myself at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make these twisted macrame keychains with colored beads and a fringe bottom, and you can whip one up in as little as 15 minutes. Customize them with colorful wooden beads and make this beautiful twisted look simply by repeating the same knot! 

 This is a great beginner macrame project, and when repeated, this left square knot creates a beautiful twisted pattern that looks much more complicated than it really is, so be prepared to impress everyone you know.  Continue Reading

How To: Hack a Keychain Card for Easier Wallet Storage

created at: 07/19/2010

I do my best to shy away from any extra keyring accessories: no decorative keychains, fobs, or extras for me. When offered a discount or loyalty membership, I always opt for the credit card sized version rather than the keychainable one.

Recently, a bunch of small, local businesses banded together to create a great program that I’m excited to support, and the only way to access it? Keychain card. I tried storing it in my wallet, but it would fly out and across the room whenever I’d pull out another card, or fall on the floor and under the checkout counter, where I’d have to ask the clerk to grab it for me. Continue Reading