Hardware Store Decor: Galvanized Wire Key Holder

Scott got fancy with a pair of pliers and some galvanized steel wire he found in his shed and made this outstanding key holder. How about that?!

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How To Make a Contemporary Message Center Cabinet.

The key to an organized home is simple: find a place to put everything, and then remember where it is. Message centers allow you to store your mail, bills, lists, keys, and assorted office supplies in one reasonable spot. Here’s an attractive DIY option from Sunset magazine, which includes a corkboard door for posting memos and ideas. The instructions are clear and totally approachable for even the most novice DIYsters. Via.

Swiss Army Keys!

No more jangles: this brilliant hack from Pyro222 (inspired thusly here) custom fits all your keys into a compact Leatherman/multitool. The design even allows you to leave in a few tools and bits in the case for when the time arises.


Leatherman Micra – find an inexpensive copy at the hardware store
Keys – Make copies!
Something to cut the keys with, like a Dremel with a cutoff wheel.

LEGO Key Rack

Here’s a perfect little something for all of us who started our DIYing with those familiar little nubby blocks. The LEGO key rack is made of authentic Lego parts and includes 2 LEGO brick key chains. The only problem, of course, is that true FOL’s (that’s Fans of LEGO) could probably make our own! From the LEGO Shop ($9.95).