75 Kids’ Decor Ideas You Can Totally DIY

75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas You Can Totally Do!

Decorating a child's room is such a fun experience. You can go crazy with color, pick animated and adorable elements, and all the furniture is just so tiny. However, these small spaces do come with their own set of unique challenges. As kids grow and change, so do their interests and needs. If you're looking to save money, or are just looking for ways to add your own unique stamp to a room, why not do-it-yourself?  Continue Reading

DIY This: Planetary Mobile for a Minimal Nursery

Minimal Nursery decor: Make this planetary mobile

As nursery trends change, the traditional pinks and blues are slowly being pushed out in favor of current, updated looks. Parents are experimenting more and more with bolder hues, playful patterns, or simply less of it all. It's easy to see why the minimal nursery look is gaining in popularity. There are fewer elements to worry about, there aren't any color-related gender-indicators (which makes styling ahead of time a breeze), and the color palette is almost non-existent.  Continue Reading

Boots and Totty’s Barn Door Baby Room Divider

Boots and Totty’s baby, Van, was on his way. The only thing separating their bedroom from the nursery was a six-foot opening – no door. Any new parent knows that will NEVER do.

Instead of floor-hogging hinged doors, they wisely decided to construct a nice flat barn door that would hug the wall. As most house projects go, one thing led to another. Before they could even hang the barn door, they had to cut a hole for their flat screet televsion to fit inside the wall to allow the barn door to slide over. Continue Reading

Softie Book Ends

This weekend in Toronto was genuinely rubbish, wet and windy and
yuck. The sort of weather that kicks good intentions in the pants. I
had meant to Clear, Organize and generally Improve my closet spaces
this weekend. (18 months is more than enough time to acquire a bunch of
stuff). Instead I curled up reading, which lead me to make these

created on: 08/11/08

They are Harald and Alec, Heraldic Lions and book ends for my baby’s room. Continue Reading