Your College Student Won’t Be Ready for Dorm Life Without These 13 Essential Items

The Essential Dorm Kit: Everything your college student needs when they fly the coop
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During my senior year of high school, I was given what I still count as one of the best gifts I've ever received. It was a tool set. Nothing fancy – just a hammer, some screwdrivers, and a cordless drill that died after 23 seconds of use. When I received it (it was given to me by my friend's brilliant and thoughtful dad), I thought it was cute and sweet, but not much more. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Caramel Apple Kits

created at: 10/19/2011I love sweets as much as the next person, but the months of October through Decemeber can be a little heavy on the bad stuff (even for me). This DIY is the perfect little munchy gift to give to your favorites while keeping a little bit healthfulness in mind.  

created at: 10/19/2011

A little caramel, a little peanut or almond butter, and a few toppings to choose from for some added texture. Toss in an apple or two with a simple little box and these DIY Caramel Apple Kits from Oh Happy Day are unbeatable! Continue Reading

The Ab-Fab FabCab

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FabCab is short for Fabulous Cabin and it lives up to its name. The timber frame kit home debuted at the 2010 Seattle Home Show to onlookers’ delight. The kit is shipped to the homeowner and then erected by a licensed contractor. Is it DIYable? Since the kit comes in pre-cut parts, possibly, if you have experience with construction of that sort.     

The kits are chock full of eco-friendliness including sustainable Doug Fir and low VOC pains. Continue Reading

DIY 35mm Camera

Urban Outfitters SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera ($28) would be a great way to see just how a camera works. Much like a model car kit, the camera comes in parts that you separate and then snap together, but unlike the scaled-down versions of cars, this kit produces a working camera–albeit without a flash. The kit includes a vinyl bag, wrist strap and screw driver. No batteries are required for opperation and it takes good old 35mm film. Continue Reading

How To Be Prepared in a Blackout (or other emergency).

Fortunately, the Cold War is over. But unfortunately, there's no more swinging bachelor pad-ish bomb shelters floating about the suburbs.

Still, emergencies can happen, especially if you live in geographic area with a higher risk of natural disasters. Keeping a few items on hand will put you in the best place in case a blackout occurs. 

Matches. Get a whole box, and keep them dry. Keeping a couple candles nearby is always advisable. If you have a wood burning fireplace, you might want to store one of those composite logs. Continue Reading