Eye Candy: 6 Colorful, Playful Kitchens

Rainbow bright kitchen

These delightful kitchens look like they could have been inspired by children’s play kitchens. Bright, colorful and fun! 

Although putting pink and red can look a little Valentine-y, the kitchen above certainly doesn’t.    

If you’ve ever wondered if ‘patriotic’ could look modern, check out this kitchen:

Kitchen with character

If your tastes lean toward the pastels, then this space is sure to inspire. (Note the integration of all the colors in the room in the clock.)

Speaking of pastels…how about a cotton candy kitchen? Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 5 Unique and Gorgeous Range Hoods

created at: 09/16/2011

I’ve just realized something. My range hood is goofy. It’s one of those microwave/vent combos. It’s relatively new. It’s absolutely conveinent. It’s still goofy. Of course I wouldn’t have made this realization if I hadn’t decided to put together an Eye Candy post about range hoods. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy them, and if they make you reassess your range hood too, my apologies. 

The one pictured above from Elica is called ‘Star’ and, yes, it’s a chandelier/hood combo.  Continue Reading

Eye Candy: Yellow Kitchens

Yellow is a happy color, no doubt, but it can also be a tricky color with which to decorate. Too much blue in it, and it can feel cold. Too much green in it and can remind you of that last head cold you had. Not good. Especially in a kitchen. These kitchens, however, seem to strike the right yellow balance. They’re bright and happy, and not the least bit phlegmy. 

The first kitchen, pictured above, is served well with that fabulous wall paper. Continue Reading

Coral Kitchens & Dining Rooms?

Modern Kitchen with Coral Colors Idea 530x407

Never in a million years would I have ever thought to paint my kitchen coral. For me, the color congers up visions of kitchens of the 1970’s (not my personal cup of tea). However, after perusing the interwebs for coral kitchens, I can see the appeal of coral, although, I’m still not sold. How about you? Have these pictures made you re-think coral?

Love the white coral chandelier in this dining room:

The ceiling too? Continue Reading

7 Dreamy Beach House Kitchens

Windmark Beach house kitchen

For me, the term ‘beach house’ conjures up all sorts of decor opportunities, all of which do not include a kitchen. Why is that? Because if I lived on the beach, I wouldn’t be spending my time in the kitchen? Because I’d be grilling corn on the cob and lobsters over an open flame on the beach every night, so who needs a kitchen for that?? I dunno. But what I DO know is that any of these kitchens could suit the beach house of my dreams. Continue Reading

10 Gorgeous Minimal Kitchens

I’ve become a fan of kitchens that don’t look like kitchens. You know, cabinets that look more like furniture, appliances that don’t announce their presence, that kind of thing. Of course, the ultimate in the kitchens that don’t look like kitchens are those of the minimal persuasion, and these are some of the most stunning examples one can find. 

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The Minimal kitchen by Varenna (Poliform) 7

Simple black white kitchen design

cgs fancy green kitchen 582x364 Green Kitchens Design Idea