How To: Make A Magnetic Knife Display

diy magnetic knife display
Photo: via e-how

I’m all for maximizing vertical storage in the kitchen, and this DIY magnetic knife display is not only practical, it’s pretty. Win win!      


diy magnetic knife display
photo: via e-how

I never really thought about how simple it is to make, but this step-by-step tutorial with photos has given me the little confidence boost to break out the saw and make my own! Check out the full tutorial over on E-How!      

DIY Magnetic Knife Display by [Mary & Tim for e-how]

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How To: Learn Basic, Safe Kitchen Knife Skills

Since graduating from college, I’ve slowly been developing good knife technique in the kitchen. I’ve learned that big, sharp knifes are actually safer, have been practicing efficient and consistent ways to prep all sorts of fresh veggies, aromatics like onions and garlic, and even a bit of DIY butchering.

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Curbly Gift Guide: DIY and Home Improvement Tools

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Making your home a better place doesn’t take a lot of money, and you should never let a lack of supplies or tools intimidate you from trying a home improvement project. Remember, you can always rent or borrow any special tools you might need (a drywall jack, for example, is one of those things you probably don’t need to own, but comes in really, really handy when the time is right).

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Wooden Magnetic Knife and Tool Holder.

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder from Lie-Nielson ToolworksThe on-the-wall magnetic knife block is a safe and efficient way to keep your blades sharp and on hand. But metal surfaces can scratch your tools and look a bit industrial, if that doesn’t suit your style.

As an alternative, Lie-Nielsen offers the Mag-Blok an alternative with an all-wood facade. With options in sugar maple and cherry, it’s made to fit your butcher blocks, and many models of cabinetry. And at $35.00 for an 18″ model, the price is plenty reasonable. Continue Reading