Giant Chunky Knit Blankets to Buy or DIY for Your Coziest Winter Yet

A few years ago, super chunky knit blankets started popping up on blogs and Pinterest, and I immediately knew I wanted to knit my own. Mine knit up quite quickly and easily, and I’ve been enjoying its cozy embrace ever since. Now I’m even considering putting one of these kits to knit another on my Christmas list, partly because my cat thinks that the one I made should be reserved soley for her use. Continue Reading

How To: Arm-Knit a Blanket in Just One Hour!

Arm knit blanket

Do you ever wish you could make a blanket yourself, but don't feel like you have the time to? Then a DIY arm knit blanket might be just the project for you! A chunky knit blanket can be completed in about an hour, and it's PERFECT for beginners. But what is “arm knitting,” you might ask? Basically, it's regular knitting, but instead of using needles, you use your arms. As you can imagine, arms in needle terms are big. Continue Reading

Fall Style Guide: The Cutest and Coziest Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Source: Martha Stewart

When the air starts to crisp up, wearing layers is key to being comfortable.  Fingerless gloves can be a fun and practical addition to your fall wardrobe.  They add warmth, style, and keep your fingers free for devices and other dexterous tasks.  Read on for a roundup of DIY, buy, and up-cycled options.  You will want to get this kind of cozy into your life.        

knit pattern fingerless gloves
Source: Ravelry

1. Ravelry offers a free pattern for these knit onesContinue Reading

Giveaway! Win One of Five Udon Blanket Knitter’s Kits ($125 value)

Back in the spring we teamed up with  We Are Knitters to give away a few of their awesome Udon blanket knitting kits. That giveaway did so well we decided to give away some more! Read on to find out how you can enter (hint: it’s easy and free!)… 

We’ve once again teamed up with We Are Knitters to give away five of their amazingly-comfy Udon Blanket Knit Kits (each worth $125).

The Udon blanket is easy enough for anyone to make, and snuggly-soft enough that everyone will want one!

Continue Reading

Giveaway! Win an Udon Blanket Knitter’s Kit ($125 value)

Whether you’ve been knitting for ages, or are just curious about getting into the hobby, we’re really psyched about the giveaway we’re sharing today. We’ve teamed up with We Are Knitters to give away five of their amazingly-comfy Udon Blanket Knit Kits (each worth $125). 

The Udon blanket is easy enough for anyone to make, and snuggly-soft enough that everyone will want one! And with We Are Knitter’s super-clear instructional videos, there’s really no excuse not to try. Continue Reading

10 Cozy DIY Knitting & Crochet Home Decor Projects

10 Cozy DIY Knitting And Crochet Home Decor Projects

If you’re into fiber arts, then you’ll probably be as excited as I was to find these fun projects for your home. If you’re not so good at knitting or crocheting, WAIT! Some of these projects are super easy, and you can always look up the basic stitches on YouTube (that’s how I learn almost every new skill!). Keep reading to check out ten of my favorite yarn-based home decor projects.   


10 Cozy DIY Knitting And Crochet Home Decor Projects

1. These fun knitted poufs will add a pop of color to your space. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Wooden Yarn Bowl

created at: 01/07/2013

Whether you knit or simply have a slew of fabulously talented knitter friends, this simple DIY idea is the perfect accessory for this yarn-based craft!     

You only need one tool for this project: the ever-trusty Dremel. After that, get your hands on an inexpensive wooden bowl and you’re ready to rock this DIY from Dominik Textor!

Make It: A Giant Knit Blanket

created at: 11/29/2012

Okay, so I don't know how to knit and I've never tried. But, holy cow, if this DIY giant knit blanket doesn't make me want to learn STAT!     

Obviously, there's no way I can jump right in with this bad boy (Laura from Nocturnal Knits uses PVC pipes as knitting needles!! That's hardcore.), but maybe — maybe — I can work up to it. Any knitters in the house willing to give this giganto blanket a shot? Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Knitted Wire Chairs!

created at: 10/13/2011

Whether your Eames wire chair has seen better days or you just feel like having some fun with your furniture, this DIY idea offers a clever handmade touch!  


Akira Ishikawa is credited with this idea* (though we can’t find a link–if you can dig one up, please share big thank you to CheesePirate for hunting down the link!) over on ReCraft.  What purists may call blasphemous, I call a playful, non-permanent way of mixing things up on the decor front!   Continue Reading