How To Sharpen Scissors Yourself

Scissors get dull. Fast. Getting them professionally sharpened can cost a pretty penny, too. Rather than shelling out for a sharpening session or for a brand new pair of shears, I decided to learn exactly how to sharpen scissors on my own. I did a little research, and here's what I learned:      

How to sharpen scissors at home.


 As all of these processes involve handling sharp blades (and dull blades which can actually be more dangerous), exercise some caution. No pointing the blade at your self, wear your safety goggles, and absolutely no running with the scissorsContinue Reading

Toss the Block: 10 Creative Ways to Store Kitchen Knives

10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

Sure, you can easily store your kitchen knives in a wooden knife block. But it would be a shame not to take advantage of all these other creative storage ideas… there’s sure to be a solution that’s perfect for your household!   


10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

1. Go bold with this colorful DIY idea. Here’s the tutorial. [Photo: Going Home To Roost]

2. Migonis Home gets creative with pantry ingredients. Read more about it here. [Photo: Migonis Home]

10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

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A Bright Color-Coded Knife Set

created at: 09/04/2011

Is this not the best set of knives you’ve ever seen? So visually appealing with those punches of bright color.  

The Kai Pure Komachi 8-piece knife set has high carbon steel blades to stay sharp long after others dull. They also have a non-stick coating which will surely come in handy. But best of all is that the color coded knives should help drastically reduce the chance of cross-contamination in the kitchen as you whip up meal after tasty meal. Continue Reading