These Simple DIY Knotted Bracelets Were Made for Stacking

These Simple Knotted Bracelets were Made for Stacking

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with stackable bracelets made out of leather, hemp and other cording materials. Since all things do make a comeback, I wanted to return to my roots and make a set of stackable knotted bracelets that weren't macrame. I didn't think it was possible, but I may actually be getting sick of macrame (I know, crazy!) but these simple infinity knotted bracelets were a welcome change! Make a set of simple knotted bracelets with any cording material and use a sliding knot to adjust it to your wrist size, and they're great for stacking on your wrist.          Continue Reading

Try these Easy Twisted Macrame Keychains

Macrame has recently made a comeback, so I was excited to learn some of the basics for making macrame pieces myself at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make these twisted macrame keychains with colored beads and a fringe bottom, and you can whip one up in as little as 15 minutes. Customize them with colorful wooden beads and make this beautiful twisted look simply by repeating the same knot! 

 This is a great beginner macrame project, and when repeated, this left square knot creates a beautiful twisted pattern that looks much more complicated than it really is, so be prepared to impress everyone you know.  Continue Reading

Knots You May Need

Way back when, I knew how to tie a few fancy knots. My weekend workshops reminded me that I need to brush up on knot tying for lots of crafty reasons.  Here’s a handy post on one of those know-it-all sites (20-20 Site) that has illustrated tied knots as well as the coordinating You Tube video to really drive the point home. Did someone say Visual Learner? Macrame, upholstery, camping, rock climbing, securing, boating, hauling…

Eight way hand tied springs. Continue Reading

String Rings

created on: 09/11/08

Jewelry is not a usual topic here on Curbly, but when I spotted these String-Rings, I just had to post them. Of course they are a play on the old notion of tying a string around your finger to remind yourself of something; but these .925 sterling silver bands raise the practice to something much more beautiful. And meaningful. Each ring, sold for $25, comes with a gift bag, polishing cloth and 20 different-colored strings. Continue Reading