Make It: Lacy DIY Cement Candle Holders

created at: 06/25/2012

I know, I know. Cement and lace? These aren’t exactly materials you normally associate together, which makes this cool DIY project that much more intriguing (and a great jumping off point)!    

Using lace-patterned tape, Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken created these fabulous candle holders. It’s an interesting study in contrasts, don’t you think? What other materials or patterns do you think would be fun to try?

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Make Lovely Lacy Lights

Light Group

Kristy assures us we can whip up one of these lovely lacy lights in 5 minutes. The supplies? Minimal, just like we like it!

  • large jar(s)
  • an old lace table cloth (or lace yardage from the fabric store)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • LED battery operated light(s)
  • sewing machine, thread, etc.

To see the entire tute (she has a great slideshow version posted) head on over to

Via whipup.

Doilies go…Contemporary?

Popular in the in the eighties (both the decade and the age-group) doilies don’t fit into most contemporary–or even traditional–homes these days. However, Janis over at Junk Market Style was inspired by something she saw in Country Living Magazine and decided to give it a go. The idea is to assemble a collection of doiles in an asymetrical way and then tack them together with a needle and thread to create a table runner.

A very cool idea for those of us with some of these babies tucked away. Continue Reading

The Stella Rug

This is a swooner! The Stella Rug, new from Hidden Art Shop, seems to have been inspired by lace, but it has been taken in a completely modern direction. Made of 5mm thick felted wool, the rug is 120 cm in diameter and will set you back a cool £350. (That’s about 47 inches and about $640 US.)


DIYable Lace Chandelier

Consider Louise Hederstrom’s ‘Grace’ pendant light, available through Scandinavian Design Center ($129). Is just me, or does it look totally DIYable? The white lace pattern is constructed out of plastic. I’m thinking the inner ring of a large wooden embroidery hoop, one of those inexpensive paper lantern lamp kits, some wire…. Whaddaya think for the lace part? Fabric, plastic…paper??

Visit Ms. Hederstrom's website to view additional lacey lighting creations.