How To: Build Modular Geometric Lamps From Paper

It’s amazing the things you can create with paper and these modular lamps are no exception. Each one is uniquely different and definitely makes a statement.      

 These modular paper lamps may look difficult, but Tarun, the creator of this project, has shared an in-depth tutorial on how to make each one! Head over to Instructables to read how to make your own! 

Modular Geometric Paper Lanterns via [Tarun of Instructables]

How to Turn a Tin Can into a Stylish, Industrial Table Lamp!

created at: 03/25/2013

Before you toss that tin can in the recycling bin, take a look at this clever DIY lighting idea!     

created at: 03/25/2013

All you need is the aforementioned can, a candle stick, a lamp cord, and the frame from an IKEA Frack Mirror (or something similar). With a few thoughtfully drilled holes, all these things come together to create a pretty cool industrial-style lamp. Check out the tutorial on Nimi Design!

Make It: Modern Metallic DIY Pendant Light — From Empty Toilet Paper Rolls!

created at: 02/26/2013

Yes, you read that right. This oh-so-classy and minimal light is made from a decidedly not classy material: used up toilet paper rolls.            

Emma from Design and Form shared this DIY idea recently, which is so easy it almost doesn’t need a tutorial: wrap an empty tube with gold paper, stick it over a lamp cord, and voila! You have yourself a pretty fancy looking light. Brilliant, right??

created at: 02/26/2013

See more: DIY Gold Lamp by Design and Form


Make It: A Modern DIY Origami Pendant Light

created at: 01/22/2013

Currently, all our pendant lighting needs are being met, but the next time I need something awesome (and inexpensive) to light our place, I will definitely try out this DIY origami lamp!       

The whole project will set you back less than $20 and a short afternoon — check out how to get those folds just right over on Work and Process!

How To: Make a DIY Tree Branch Floor Lamp

created at: 12/10/2012

This DIY tree branch lamp is a unique project that could easily be scaled to your liking (a desk lamp, perhaps?)!     

I love the touch of copper as well, though it would be fun to play with different materials or finishes for this part of the lamp! Check out how to make your own over on Design Sponge.

Make It: A Modern DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

created at: 09/27/2012

Got a cardboard box? Awesome! Turn that sucker into a pendant light!     

It’s easy. All you need is a box (obvs), a box cutter (for slicin’ and dicin’), a light kit (cheap and readily available), and some spray paint (optional-ish). Once you’ve got all those basic supplies ready, check out how to piece it all together over on Poppytalk!

Roundup: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans

created at: 02/27/2012 

My mom and dad–and grandma and grandpa–all shared the same obsession with empty coffee cans. They didn’t meet one with which they could part. It’s rubbed off on me, I’m afraid. Conversations surrounding the topic in my house go something like this:

Him, while holding up an old coffee can stashed in some corner of the basement or garage: “I’m recycling this.”

Her: “No! That’s a good can.” 

Him, while rolling his eyes: “Fine.”

But, seriously, a good coffee can or two can translate into some really cool stuff. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Stylish DIY Zip Tie Lamp Shade!

created at: 02/18/2012

I know the words “stylish” and “zip tie” don’t often go together, but in the case of this DIY lamp shade I think they work mighty fine!  I might even throw “quirky”, “artsy”, and “totally awesome” into the mix.  Just sayin’.   


Inspired by a window display at her local Anthropologie, DIY enthusiast and blogger Courtney Schutz returned home with a plan.  Using an old lampshade as a base, she created a new frame from chicken wire.   Continue Reading

DIY String-Wrapped Lamp: The Easiest Lighting Makeover Project Ever!

created at: 11/29/2011

It’s no secret, we love a good DIY lighting project here at Curbly.  Whether that’s building your own from scratch or simply giving that old shade a makeover, we love lamps.  This particular project, though, is hands down the easiest one we’ve ever seen!  If you can tie a knot, you can make this (feathers optional).   


This string-wrapped lamp idea comes from Honest to Nod.  They offer up a tutorial if you want to check it out, but basically all you do is wrap embroidery thread around a lamp shade and tie a knot.   Continue Reading