DIY Bleached Landscape Pillow

Our little boy was born two weeks before we moved into the Curbly House, and for the last two years – with the exception of a few pictures on the wall, his bedroom has remained untouched. For the most part, this has been intentional, because we wanted to hold off creating a space for him until we knew more about him. And, frankly, we be tired, and adding another room to our makeover list was just not in our cards… until now. Continue Reading

What’s Hot in Backyard Design


Everyone’s backyard should be their own personal oasis. If that sounds like an expensive proposition, it doesn’t have to be. Picking the right elements and spending wisely will provide you with a staycation placefor years to come. Here are six trends that will help you create the backyard of your dreams:

  • Sustainability–including low-water gardens, drought-tolerant plants and less turfgrass. All are better for the environment and the pocketbook.
  • Edibles–incorporating edibles into ornamentals not only adds interest to a garden, but will help lower grocery bills.
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Remarkable Landscape Makeovers

Desperate Landscapes is a t.v. show that seeks out and destroys its namesake, turning the most bleak landscapes into lovely show-stoppers. Here’s just of few of the most desperate before and afters:     

This house looked misanthropic before; now it practically calls out to visitors.

Great atmosphere for a spooky Halloween, but who’d want to trick or treat here?

Bye bye ghosts!

House? What house?

Oh, THAT house!!

For more information about Desperate Landscapes, including more before and afters, visit this page. Continue Reading