59 DIY Landscaping Ideas and Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space

The Curbly House 2017 | DIY landscaping ideas
The Curbly House 2017

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility, and while there’s plenty to take care of inside you home, don’t forget about the outside, either. If you’ve ever looked into the cost of hiring a professional landscaper, you know they’re not cheap. Fortunately, there are a slew of inexpensive and affordable DIY landscaping ideas at your disposal, so long as you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty. From the front yard to the back, barbeque pits to bistro lights, here are 59 ways you can affordably improve your outdoor space.              Continue Reading

Doing My Spring Yard Care Like a Superhero (and you can too)

Spring yard care tools roundup
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“I'm so excited for yard care season to begin!”

– Nobody, never

That is, until me, today! I got to try out Milwaukee's M18 cordless string trimmer kit (which is waaaay more than just a weed whacker – read on for that), and it has me itching to go out and get my yard whipped into shape. In fact, I got so carried away testing out these new tools, that I've been putting off writing up this blog post all morning! Continue Reading

Dull No More: How To Clean and Sharpen Your Garden Tools

Spring and summer is growing season, but that also means it's time to trim your yard. Trees, bushes, and shrubs need to be kept in shape, and to do that, it really helps to have sharp tools. It's faster and easier to cut with a sharp blade, plus it's better for the plant. In just a few minutes, you can actually sharpen garden tools yourself.        

Yard work is hard enough without trying to do it with dull tools that don't work how they're supposed to. Continue Reading

A Big Bold Front Door Makeover with Sherwin-Williams® 2018 Color of the Year

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We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary in the Curbly House, and along with the pomp and circumstance (I'm kidding; as much as we love our house, we don't celebrate home anniversaries … but maybe that's my new million dollar idea!), we've been busy doing a series of updates indoors and out. We've refreshed the paint, swapped out artwork, done some light landscaping, and made the house work better for our family. 

The front door of the house recently got a little update of its own with a fresh coat of paint. Continue Reading

More Progress at the Curbly House

Curbly House 2017 - Living room, before

Summer has ended, school has started, and we are racing towards the finish line on the Curbly House 2017 project. Here's a quick update on what's going on:         

Interior painting is (almost) complete

In what seemed like no time at all, the interior walls transformed from a boring beige-on-beige wall-and-trim combo, into something with a lot more contrast and style: 

Bedroom, before

bedroom, after

Maybe it's hard to tell from these quick snapshots, but by adding a fresh coat of white on all the trim (throughout the whole house), we were able to make the wall color pop (our trim color is Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005). Continue Reading

How to: Make a Modern, Floating Outdoor Plant Wall


DIY Floating Planter Wall
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Here's a quick weekend project that can turn an outdoor space into a private, leafy retreat. It uses beautiful, weather-resistant cedar wood, but avoids the cost of expensive cedar lumber. Instead, I bought more affordable cedar fence pickets, smoothed the rough surface, and created the same look for less! Then I finished off the whole project with a coat of SuperDeck® Exterior Oil-Based Transparent Stain. Here's how you can make one too. 






SuperDeck® features premium DuckBack Technology, which penetrates bare wood, and provides excellent protection from sun and premature weathering.  

Continue Reading

Adding Charm and Relaxation to a Backyard with a DIY Pond and Fountain

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My parents basically live in their backyard. It's large and lovely, with carefully tended flower gardens, enviable vegetable beds, and fruit trees galore. It's a take-your-breath-away kind of space you'd never expect when you look at their quiet suburban street. But when you enter the backyard, you feel the magic. 

One of the last items on their landscaping to-do list was to add a water feature. Last summer my dad built a three-season gazebo (they lovingly call it the “tea house”, a reference to the Japanese tea house it's modeled after). Continue Reading

How To Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: Good House Keeping

Have you looked outside lately and seen your neighbors getting their yards ready and wondered what you should be doing? The spring is good time for a yard clean up and its needed to accomplish a beautiful yard. Here are some easy steps to help you.   


How to Get your yard ready this spring

1. Know your area’s weather.

Three weeks ago it was 80 degrees and I was ready to get out there and do some yard work. My husband slowed down my gusto by simply stating that it was too early and we probably would get another frost.  Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Unique Backyard Landscaping Ideas (That You Might Be Able To Do Yourself)

Eye Candy: 10 Unique Backyard Landscaping Ideas (That You Might Be Able To Pull Off)
Photo: Domaine

Sure, you could throw a few plants in a pot and call it a day – or you could take it a step further and make your backyard landscape truly unique. Here are some super unusual ideas that are sure to get your creative wheels turning.   


Eye Candy: 10 Unique Backyard Landscaping Ideas (That You Might Be Able To Pull Off)

1. A wall of air plants line the side of this patio. [Photo: Garden Share

2. Build a deck around a tree! [Photo: Decoholic]

Eye Candy: 10 Unique Backyard Landscaping Ideas (That You Might Be Able To Pull Off)

3. These gigantic yellow flowers would add some serious wow-factor to your yard… find out what they are here. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 11 Inspiring Yards That Are Grass-Free

11 Grass-Free Yards

The grass is always greener… when there is none? There are tons of ways to landscape without the green giant and we’ve rounded up eleven of them right here! From flowers to gravel to stained concrete, you might just want to say buh-bye to that large water bill.      


11 Grass-Free yards1. Moss Graffiti spotted on Free People

2. A super large concrete patio spotted on Remodelaholic

11 Grass-Free Yards3. Low-water plant yard makeover spotted on Sunset

4. Stained concrete & drought-tolerant plants spotted on Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

11 Grass-Free Yards5.  Continue Reading