Adding Curb Appeal with Simple DIY Landscaping

The Curbly House has come a long way since we bought it two years ago. From major construction to a whirlwind makeover with the ever-talented Emily Henderson, the interior of the house has been showered with love. But, the outside, not so much.

This spring, we committed ourselves to begin the process of prettying up the outside of our house and creating some much needed curb appeal. While we have a long road ahead that includes having the house painted, a new sidewalk, and new lighting – we wanted to start with the yard, because it’s been neglected for decades. Continue Reading

Makeover Madness: The Landscape Edition

created at: 07/18/2011

Pavers, plants and ponds, oh my! ‘Tis landscaping season in Curblyland. If you have a vision of a backyard oasis dancing in your head but need a little inspirational push to start digging in, here are five fabulous before and afters to prime the pump.

We start with a project from Visionscapes Northwest. The backyard of this property looks all too familiar. It WAS bland and barren, but take a look at it now:   

It’s a colorful and inviting backyard getaway. Continue Reading

Our DIY Paver Stone Project: Part 3

I spent the last three weeks digging, hauling, cutting, and oftentimes cursing our backyard into shape with a new patio and walkway. In this installment of the series, I get started on the actual demolition and construction. Come follow my progress on the blog!

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Before & After: A Roundup of Spectacular Garden Makeovers

created at: 06/27/2011

If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, here’s a collection of garden makeovers that’s nothing short of spectacular!  

created at: 06/27/2011

I’m always a sucker for a good Before and After, but man oh man!  Some of these transformations are just amazing.  It’s great to see what an average homeowner and a lot of hard work can create, don’t you think?  Truly, truly inspiring!  (Now I really have no excuse NOT to tackle my boring little rectangle of sod.)   Continue Reading

Mega Roundup: 20 Modern Gardens to Delight and Inspire!

created at: 06/23/2011

It’s 95 degrees today and all I can think about is retreating to a lush garden with a cold drink and a good book.  If that garden happens to have a pool, all the better.  Instead, the reality of my yard is a rectangle of semi-alive grass surrounded by vinyl fencing.  It’s boring and drab, but after drooling over these modern gardens, I’m starting to see some serious potential.  If your yard is in a similar state, it’s time to hop on board the inspiration train!   Continue Reading

Recycled Concrete Planter Wall

Our hilarious leftover concrete pile
As you may know, I recently re-did our backyward walkway, taking out (what felt like) a ton of concrete, and replacing it with paver stones (here’s the blog post series on that, if you’d like to follow along). 

As a little side project, we had to figure out what to do with all the leftover concrete. We had a pile of it that was about 3 feet in diameter and 4 feet tall, in assorted shapes and sizes, behind the garage. Continue Reading

DIY Modern Concrete Planter

The landscaping around my house – if you could even call it that – has been the aspect of my home I’m least proud of. And the reasoning is simple, my modern tastes can make things really expensive really fast. But with a little elbow grease, these DIY concrete planters just might be the start of something wonderful for my home’s curb appeal!All you need are a few pavers, landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Continue Reading

48 Different Mulching Materials

created at: 05/13/2010

We didn’t understand the full social significance of mulch when we moved to suburbia many years ago. Now we get it, those in full control of their lives have mulch delivered and spread every spring and fall. Never did I think I’d say ” I want what she’s having”, as in the dark, hardwood mulch.

created at: 05/13/2010

Come to find out you can use just about anything to mulch your gardens, from oyster shells, newspapers, poultry litter to the pulverized rubber in the photograph above. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Be-Gone

created at: 05/03/2010

Most people think having a swimming pool in the backyard is a treat. WRONG!! Every year I add up how much money we literally pour into our pool and think, “Fill it in!”  This California homeowner decided to give up the whole shebang and opted for a socially, swingin’ bocce ball court, fire pit and beautifully landscaped pathways.

Check out the cleaned out yard and the new party plaza.created at: 05/03/2010

created at: 05/03/2010

See more photographs of this daunting task right here. Continue Reading

HGTV’s New Outdoor Room

The new year begins with a new offering from HGTV. The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie premiers on January 1 and it just might be worth a slot on the DVR. If you haven’t heard of Jamie Durie, he’s a hunky landscape ‘artist’ from Australia with impeccable taste. Jamie’s clients have included A-list celebs and 5-star hotels. He gather’s inspiration from around the world to create his designs. For instance, with Jamie’s help the back yard pictured above went from dust bowl to Sonoman paradise. Continue Reading