How To: Make Frozen Ice Lanterns

created at: 10/28/2012

I woke up to the first snow of the season last week and couldn’t help but get a little excited for the magical, wintery days ahead. It’s still a bit warm to line the walks with these crystal-like beauties, but come December, you better believe I’m making a whole bunch of DIY ice lanterns!     

You only need two simple materials to make your own sculptural ice lanterns: balloons and, you guessed it, water. Check out what to do next over on Willow Day! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Geometric Paper Lanterns

created at: 08/16/2012
Who says you need to have a party to hang a few of these awesome tissue paper lanterns around? I would keep them up all of the time!    
These DIY paper lanterns were made as party decor by Jenny Batt, but, like I said, there’s no stopping you from proudly displaying them year-round. Life’s a party anyway, right? The materials needed are pretty basic: just some tissue paper, double-sided tape, and fishing line. Check out the full how-to over on Oh Happy Day! Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Folded Paper Star Lantern!

created at: 03/05/2012

First that outdoor deck/daybed makeover and now these outdoor star lanterns… I think it’s safe to say we’re itching for warmer weather!  While sunshine and blue skies are still a few weeks (or months) off, that doesn’t mean we can’t start perfecting our paper-folding skills.  I, for one, am definitely going to try my hand at these paper star lanterns!   


created at: 03/05/2012

Dionne from Passengers on a Little Spaceship has created a wonderful tutorial that includes everything you need to know to start folding your own lanterns.   Continue Reading

How to Make a Quatrefoil Lantern

created at: 08/08/2011

Nike had been pining over a lantern she’d seen at Ballard Design. The pricetag, however, was a little steep ($59-$79), so Nike decided to make one. You’ll never guess what she used to do it either. Have an idea? To see if you guessed right, take a look at the supplies list:     

  • a glue gun and glue
  • thumb tacks
  • an old key ring or wire, etc.
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • black spray paint
  • 4 sheets of white vellum
  • 1 sheet of yellow/cream vellum
  • Nike’s PDF of the lantern pattern
  • 2 cardboard cereal boxes

Yup, it’s made out of CEREAL BOXES! Continue Reading

Outdoor Decor: 5 Beautiful DIY Paper Lantern Projects

I know what you are thinking: paper and outdoors?? Well, perhaps not permanantly, but for those non-rainy summer gatherings, you will want your outdoors do be as fun and welcoming as your indoors. Paper is inexpensive, comes in a bazillion varieties, and makes a big impact! Here’s a big tip: start with a ready-made paper lantern and gussy it up a bit!      

created at: 06/20/2011

1. Belinda at the Happy Home Blog used doilies to make this stunning statement,above. Continue Reading

Make A Ruffled Lotus Lantern (Using Cupcake Liners!)

Aunt Peaches made this lovely ruffly lotus lantern using–of all things–cupcake liners. She assures us making one is pretty hard to mess up. The trick is the spacing of the cups, which must be allowed to dry properly. 

This particular 36″ diameter lantern, required 300 standard muffin cups plus 100 mini muffin cups. To stick ’em in place, Peaches recommends using TACKY glue. For more tips on making your project a successful one, head on over to Peach’s place. Continue Reading

Cast-off Light Fixture gets Pottery Barn Makeover

Brittany snagged a $5 light fixture at her local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and decided to turn it into a Pottery Barn inspired lantern.     

She tells use how she did it, step by step, on her blog, Pretty Handy Girl.

For more great makeovers of secondhand stuff, check out Curbly’s own Make It! Secondhand Chic, on sale for $9.99. In it, we’ll show you how to transform common thrift-store finds into useful, stylish gems. Continue Reading

How to Turn Plastic Bags into a Table Lamp

Urban Threads actually turned plastic Target bags into a lamp. I still can’t quite believe it even after reading the tute! 

First they fuse the bags. To do that, you’ll need the following:

  • parchment paper
  • a scissor
  • an iron 
  • leftover plastic bags

To make the lamp’s structure, you’ll need this stuff:

  • 6 thin square dowels, about 1/4″ thick
  • a small wood saw
  • wood glue
  • binder clips
  • X-acto knife, ruler and pencil
  • You’ll need some sort of light source.
Continue Reading

How to Make a Paper ‘Lantern’ Centerpiece

Although made specifically for a wedding, these paper lantern centerpieces would be a lovely addition to any large gathering. To make them, assemble the following:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock, plain & decorative
  • scoring tool or butter knife
  • metal ruler
  • x-acto knife
  • double-sided tape
  • copy paper and printer

If you’re wondering what kind of information to include on your centerpiece lanters, Project Wedding suggests one of these!

  • Table numbers
  • List of guests seated at that table
  • Menu
  • Information about disposible cameras
  • Information on where to upload digital photos
  • Trivia questions
  • Information about cultural traditions
  • Information & photo of the couple or person of honor

To see the entire tutorial, march on over to Continue Reading