Before and After: How Smart Storage Transformed our Laundry Room

Before photo of our cluttered laundry room

I’ve always thought of my laundry room as the most troublesome room in our house. Not only is it narrow, but all of one side is taken up by a washing machine, sink and toilet. Add to that the fact that there are 2 doors that open inward, and the space starts to feel very small indeed.

I’d long ago resigned myself to having a difficult laundry room I didn’t enjoy being in. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong! Continue Reading

Two Weird Things You Should Start Putting in Your Dryer

Two laundry hacks for your dryer

I'm always skeptical of “hacks” I see on the internet. Sometimes techniques touted as life hacks can be – well… hacky! On the flip side, we've tested a few hacks here on Curbly before with surprising success. I've seen these two laundry hacks pass through my media feeds a few times, and decided to finally give in and try them out myself. Both are supposed to optimize your dryer. Do they work? Let's find out!             

Dryer Hack #1: Replace dryer sheets with rolled up aluminum foil

Balled up aluminum foil can replace dryer sheets in the dryer

THE THEORY: You may have seen this one. Continue Reading

My Weirdest Laundry Tip, Straight From the Auto Repair Shop

Curbly house laundry room

When I was growing up, my mom had a laundry stain treatment that I haven't seen anyone else I know use. Searching a store's laundry aisle for it a few years ago, I came up empty-handed, so I asked her where she found it. “Sometimes it's in the automotive care aisle,” she answered, and that is indeed where I spotted one of my favorite stain-treatments.     


Goop, which has been around since 1949, and has absolutely nothing to do with Gwyneth Paltrow, is primarily sold as a hand cleaner. Continue Reading

72 Organization Tips for Every Room of the House

The ultimate roundup of organization tips, tricks, and projects for every space in your home

Organization: you either love it or hate it. No matter your stance, having a good system of organizing is the key to a clean, calm living space. And who doesn’t want that? We’ve rounded up our favorite organization tips and DIY projects to help turn your home into the oasis it should be.       

What are your favorite organization tips? Let us know in the comments!



DIY Ladder Shelf Shoe Storage | 72 Organization Tips and Projects for Every Space in Your Home

Photo: Design Sponge

1. DIY Ladder Shelf Shoe Storage: Keep shoes tidy by storing them vertically. Continue Reading

Make This: Minimal Clothes Drying Rack

Perfect for small spaces - a collapsible wooden drying rack for laundry.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, or working on shrinking your environmental footprint, air-drying your washing is a great place to start. Dryers, while they are handy, use a ton of energy to operate. Plus, you might own delicate clothes that aren’t suited for aggressive machine drying. A clothes drying rack is a must-have asset for your laundry room – and bonus, you can make your own.     


I absolutely love how simple this clothes drying rack turned out. Continue Reading

The Best Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry room ideas - makeover photo - before

I don't know about you, but my laundry room is a black hole in which I spend as little time as possible.  It's dark, tiny, and dank… in other words, the complete opposite of all these awesome laundry room makeovers.  If you're in a similar boat and looking for some serious inspiration, check out these laundry room ideas.


Scandinavian inspired laundry room

Erin's white-washed wood paneling is a Scandinavian-inspired laundry room retreat! And check out that DIY concrete countertop — nicely done!   Continue Reading

Before and After: An Incredible Laundry Room Makeover

Before and After: An Incredible Laundry Room Makeover
Photo: Twelve On Main

This laundry room looks like most do – functional and not so pretty. But just wait until you see the space after its makeover… it looks so nice, you'd actually look forward to doing a load of wash. Keep reading to check out the incredible transformation.   


Before and After: An Incredible Laundry Room Makeover
Photo: Twelve On Main

So much better, right?! The tiling and new work surface were the biggest changes, while the rest were mostly cosmetic. Make your way over to Twelve On Main to see more photos and to read about the whole process. Continue Reading

Before and After: Dramatically Functional Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room before
Photo: Stacy Risenmay

Recently Stacy made over her friend Taralyn's laundry room, and the results are nothing less than dramatic. The room, or rather, passageway, as it is just off the garage and functions as an entry of sorts to the rest of the home, was well-defined as “builder grade.” After its makeover, the  laundry room is now an eye-catching transition worthy of a lingering look. Check it out.

laundry room after
Photo: Stacy Risenmay

Stacy's fearless use of black paint really bumps things up a notch. Continue Reading

Before and After: Unbelieveable Laundry Room Makeover

Vintage Revival Laundry Room Before Vintage Revival Laundry Room After
Photo: Vintage Revivals


Mandi from Vintage Revivals, recently revealed her laundry room makeover and the results couldn't be more spectacular. Unlike a typical laundry room that you hide behind closed doors, this one you'd want to show off. Maybe even host parties in there. New penny round tile on the floor and slim subway tile on the wall, plus loads and loads of new storage and counter space prove to be the winning combination. Take a look at the “after”:

Vintage Revival Laundry Room After
Photo: Vintage Revivals


For the entire story including pictures of every nook and cranny of this glorious makeover, visit Vintage Revivals.  Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 11 Incredible Laundry Rooms

Photo: Kriste Michelini

Right now, our laundry room is in a dark, unfinished corner of our basement but we have plans to *someday* turn it into a room that doesn't give us the creeps. Until then, I'll just keep collecting inspiration! If you're in a similar boat, take a peek at these gorgeous laundry rooms.     


Photo: Kathryn O'Donovan
Photo: BHG
Photo: Leicht Westchester

1. Kriste Michelini 2. Kathryn O'Donovan 3. Better Homes & Gardens 4. Leicht Westchester

Photo: Hardenburg Designs
Photo: BHG
Photo: HabitusLiving
Photo: Steel Canvas Basket Corp.
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