Weekend Project: A Drool-Worthy Linoleum Tile Pattern Floor

I know it seems weird to put drool-worthy and linoleum tile in the same sentence (or post title), but I am not kidding around here when I saw that this DIY linoleum floor pattern looks really, really cool. It’s perfect for a laundry room, or another small space with low foot traffic, and makes for a great weekend project. 

Josh Rhodes from A Beautiful Mess created this simple triangular pattern in his family’s laundry / storage room  to create a bold statement on a budget. Continue Reading

Before and After: An Incredible DIY Laundry Room Makeover

I think my favorite thing about this laundry room makeover, besides the fact that it looks awesome, is that the homeowners did every single thing themselves — and on a budget!       

From painting the floors to making their own concrete countertops (remember this easy way?) to embellishing the space with a million other DIY decor projects, Jenny from Little Green Notebook truly made this space pop!

Check out all the projects and everything that went into this incredible, budget-friendly makeover right here. Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own DIY Concrete Countertops — The Easy Way

I’ve always loved the look of concrete countertops but am, admittedly, a bit intimidated by the intense mold making/concrete casting/everything-could-go-horribly-wrong aspects of the usual DIY approach. So when I stumbled across this DIY concrete countertop alternative, my jaw dropped. IT’S SO EASY. 


Kara from Kara Paslay Designs and Jenny from Little Green Notebook have both used this technique and I’m pretty stoked to try it out. The secret? ARDEX Feather Finish. If you love the look of concrete countertops, but don’t want to a) pay a gazillion dollars for someone to cast all new countertops for you or b) are like me and get a little woozy thinking about building perfectly-sized molds and agitating bubbles for hours on end, this concrete overlay is YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. Continue Reading

A Fresh and Clean Scandinavian-Inspired Laundry Room Makeover!

created at: 02/09/2012

Going along with our basement and sleeping themes today (because you sleep in clothes/pajamas and washers and dryers are often in basements?  I know, it's a stretch…), I thought I'd share this lovely laundry room* makeover from Curbly fave Charles & Hudson!   


created at: 02/09/2012

In preparation for the arrival of their new baby, Timothy Dahl, the founder and editor of Charles & Hudson (and all-around great guy), decided to tackle a laundry room makeover.  The old space was functional in the most minimal way possible.   Continue Reading

New Use for Old Drawers: A Laundry Room Re-Vamp

created at: 03/16/2011

We recently moved into a rental condo where, among a bazillion other rules, we can’t paint our walls.  Which is unfortunate, because the last tennants “touched up” with flat paint over the existing eggshell finish.  It makes for an interesting pattern on the walls, but I digress.  Our drab laundry room not only was white beyond all sterile imagining, but it had zero shelving or storage.  The solution to our blah laundry room was found in a few castaways.   Continue Reading