How To Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: Good House Keeping

Have you looked outside lately and seen your neighbors getting their yards ready and wondered what you should be doing? The spring is good time for a yard clean up and its needed to accomplish a beautiful yard. Here are some easy steps to help you.   


How to Get your yard ready this spring

1. Know your area’s weather.

Three weeks ago it was 80 degrees and I was ready to get out there and do some yard work. My husband slowed down my gusto by simply stating that it was too early and we probably would get another frost.  Continue Reading

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

It's the season for outdoor soirees. And before you go crazy purchasing new decorations for all the parties you plan to have, take a look in your backyard. Some of those accessories can actually double as decor!      


15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

Classic Pink Lawn Flamingos | Lark Wall Fountain

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

Bamboo Market Umbrella | Lighthouse Candle Lantern

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

Mod Lawn Gnomes | Flamingo Garden Statue 

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

High Gloss White Windmill | Edison String Lights | 3-piece Pedestal Plant Stand 

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

Lapsus Cactus Statues | IGLOO Tabletop Terrarium

15 Lawn & Garden Accessories That Double As Party Decor

Light-up Lawn Flamingo | Williamsburg Pineapple Finial | Gustav Lawn Gnome | Hello Door Mats

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How to: Choose the Best Spot for Your Garden

created at: 04/10/2012

When I was a kid my grandpa was the gardener, and I would toddle around with him looking at the plants,  smelling the plants, and picking the plants…even when I wasn’t supposed to. I never knew how much he taught me until I started my own garden. So, here are a few tips from grandpa through me.

For a garden, the two most important elements are soil and location. You’ve heard it said by stereotypical developers that it’s all about” Location, Location, Location.” Continue Reading

You Have Too Much Lawn, and It’s Driving You Nuts

It sounds almost un-American … is there such a thing as too much lawn in a culture that glorifies riding lawn mowers and robotic grass trimmers? The overwhelming feeling about lawns seems to be “the more the better”. And if they’re more uniform than your wall-to-wall carpeting, even better.

Well, Evelyn Hadden, an award-winning gardening author and speak, is on a quest to change that. I came across her Web site,, a few weeks ago when researching some summer outdoor projects. Continue Reading

Mindblowing Playhouses that’ll Make You Wish You Were Seven

Ah, yes. The playhouse. That place where our first nesting desires, those urges to love were we live, were born. I had two: one in that storage area under the stairs in the basement, and an outdoor crow’s nest with swings and the requisite “Members Only” sign. There were, of course, no members, but that’s the sorta thing a clubhouse should have, is it not?

    And some more contemporary options:

See more of Alix’s groovy collection at Modern Kiddo

How To Build Lawn Aerator Sandals

created at: 04/22/2010

Here we go. Build your own lawn aerating sandals and take a laps around the yard to open up the thatch, let the air, water and sun in there. Better yet, make a few pairs for your your kids and pay them a quarter to stomp around out in the yard. You’ll be treating your lawn, employing your kids, saving money on the rental fees and avoiding those suspicious little earth plugs scattered about the yard. Continue Reading

Stripe your lawn like a major-league park.


created at: 04/22/2010

Don’t you just love the look of a patterned grass on a baseball field? This year, since our Twins christened a new and gorgeous outdoor ball field, we will be able to experience this work of vegetal art in person. And now, thanks to the Lawn Stryper, we can get the same look in our yards. Basically, the Lawn Stryper is a dealie that you attach to the back of your walk-behind mower and it stripes your lawn. Continue Reading

Undulating Lawn

This penthouse apartment renovation, conducted by Design Systems, is located in Shenzhen, China and features a terrace that has an undulating lawn. Hard to mow? Probably, but it certainly does make one rethink the flat lawns found in the ‘burbs.

Head over to Dezeen to see the penthouse’s interior. 

How To Save Water in Your Garden and Yard.

Summer water needs lead to shortages in some places, and increased water bills everywhere. Beyond bigger investments like rain barrels (which really aren’t that expensive or inconvenient) and gray water systems, here’s few tips from CasaSugar to better use water in your lawn and garden.

  • Raise your mower’s blade. Apparently, longer grass needs less water.
  • Don’t water unless the soil is dry 1 1/2 inches down
  • Water your garden early
  • Clump plants together for less surface area (really?
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