We Guarantee You Won’t Kill These 10 Houseplants

Best Low Light Houseplants

Believe it or not, I use to be a professional plant killer. Turns out, with a little love and care, keeping plants alive is really not that hard! You just need to know a few key tips. So today I’m sharing 10 low light houseplants (I actually own all of these) that are tough to kill (because I haven’t killed them yet!). So, if you want to introduce a few plants into your home, but you’re not sure you can keep them green, here are some you might want to look into!  Continue Reading

Amazing Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style, Budget, and Room

A cozy fall scene with a plaid blanket, hot chocolate, and fall leaves on a wood tray

It may or may not feel like it yet where you live, but I'm sure you don't need to be told that summer is nearing its last days. After a long, hot season, many of us are ready for cooler weather, colorful leaves, hay mazes, and apple picking. It can be fun to bring some of that fall flair into your home decor, too. So whether you want just a touch of fall decor, or want to kick summer to the curb and go all in with your fall decorations, we have tons of ideas for ways to turn your home into a celebration of autumn.           Continue Reading

Print These! Autumn-Inspired Smartphone Case Designs

Fall iPhone Case Designs You Can Print

Where is summer running off to in such a hurry? Even though I'm a bit sad to see another season come to a close, I'm quietly giddy about the return of autumn. I can't help myself, I'm just so in love with the season. Big scarves, chilly breeze, pumpkin-flavored everything… it's hands-down the best season ever. While there are still a few weeks remaining until fall is officially here, I've got just the project to start you transitioning. Continue Reading

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

I’ve seen this phrase tumbling around on the internet for a while now: “Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady.” To that I say, why not both? I only say that because I am a die-hard cat lover who has recently discovered her love of indoor jungles. The good news is you can totally go crazy in both cat and plant departments – you just have to be smart about it. There are plenty of easily-accessible houseplants out there that are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.  Continue Reading

When Autumn Leaves Start to Wall

Fun fact: Autumn Leaves was the first jazz standard I learned on guitar back in high school, when I though learning to play jazz guitar would make me cool and get girlfriends. It’s a pretty basic song, and a good one to teach a 15-year-old me how to do a chord melody, which, on a guitar, is where you play a song’s chords and melody at the same time, and … hey, isn’t this supposed to be a DIY blog!? Continue Reading

How To: Make One-of-a-Kind Prints Using Gelatin!

created at: 05/31/2012

I took a bunch of different printmaking classes in college, but this technique still blows my mind! No fancy presses, machines, or chemicals required — just regular old gelatin. Amazing, right?   


created at: 05/31/2012

Cassie Stephens put together this tutorial as part of an art class for second graders. It’s pretty simple and, frankly, kind of magical! All you need to try this at home is the following:

  • gelatin
  • cookie sheets
  • printmaking brayer (available at most craft stores)
  • printing ink
  • leaves
  • paper

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and are ready to found out how this awesome process works, head over to Cassie’s blog! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Felt Fall Leaf Coasters

created at: 11/08/2011

Yes, I’ve been on a fall leaf kick lately, with a leaf runner and coordinating napkin rings already adorning my dining space.  Now I feel like I’m gravitating to all things fall leaves, but how can I not when I find simple, striking projects like this to add to my “to do” list?   Molly said her reason behind making these was after discovering her beautiful bundle of collected fall leaves failed to keep its color, so she decided to make some leaves that would keep their vibrancy the whole year.  Continue Reading

DIY Leafy Garden Stepping Stones

created at: 10/13/2011

Do you have stepping stones in your yard? I’ve seen so many varieties, but can’t ever seem to commit to a design or pattern, color or style. But as soon as I saw this DIY project I knew I’d met my match.  

created at: 10/13/2011

All it requires is one of nature’s best patterns – the leaf! The end look is organic and artsy, the perfect pairing. It’s tough to go wrong when the main material is free. Add a few more elements and your garden pathway is transformed into something fresh and beautiful. Continue Reading

Make Leaf Skeletons

This is one of the most interesting techniques I’ve come across in a very long time. Heather figured out a way to turn leaves into skeletons of their former selves. Perfect for display in floating frames or making candle holders! Here’s what she says we’ll need to make them:

  •  washing soda, NOT baking soda
  • leaves, waxy–like gardenia, magnolia and hydrangea–work best
  • a large pot
  • water
  • a small, blunt brush
  • paper towels
  • a spatula

To see how it’s done, follow this jump to The Idea Room. Continue Reading