Totally DIYable LEGO Toy Box

Ogle Wooden Toy Box

I spent several hours on Christmas putting together various LEGO sets for my nephew, Gavin. After the first set, he grabbed the next and the next. I couldn’t say no, as I, like Gavin, love the LEGOs. Which is why I’m thinking this LEGO brick toy box might be in Gavin’s future. Called the Ogle Toy Box, it’ll set you back about 300 bucks (US), but it looks easily DIYable. We’d probably use plywood–not less than 1/2″–for the box itself and a 2×4’s and a 3″ hole saw for the studs. Continue Reading

The Lego Countertop.

Curbly has seen plenty of Lego art over the years, perhaps some lego furniture, but fundamental built-in domestic structures? It’s a first in my estimation…

Munchausen Lego Kitchen Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti

“The Munchausen Lego Kitchen is based around an Ikea island that has been outifftted with more than 20,000 Lego pieces. Not quite and afternoon in the playroom, the entrie process took the designers more than a week to complete. The results were well worth the effort, which gave way to a vast eye-catching mosiac. Continue Reading

Real-Life LEGO Building

created at: 2009-10-05

If you’re like me and love/d your LEGO, then this building should give you a little tingle, as it has a very LEGO-esque quality about it.

created at: 2009-10-05

The apartment building, called the Lanserhofwiese’ Project was designed by Wimmer Zaic Architects of Austria. Located in Salzburg, it’s as beautiful as the topography surrounding it. For more pics, travel on over to Daily Tonic.

Lego Does Frank Lloyd Wright

Lego’s architecture series is perfect for those of us who had trouble giving up the blocks as kids. The collection now includes the Guggenheim in all it’s crazy-shaped glory (it looks particularly sci-fi in Lego).

created at: 2009-07-27

Falling Water is also in the range, (though not available yet) and it has me cooing like a lovestruck pigeon (it’s like a perfect storm of awesome things. Meep.)

created at: 2009-07-27

  Find the Gugg here for $55 shipped.


Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Collection




Architect and LEGO enthusiast Adam Reed Tucker partnered with everyone’s favorite building block maker and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to develop the latest entry in LEGO’s Architecture Series, The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. The first sets were released earlier this month at the Guggenheim: One the Guggenheim itself and the other Falling Water. Six sets will be offered in the collection, and first reports suggests they’ll be priced at about $45 bucks each, not including shipping. Continue Reading

Today’s Inauguration…in LEGO

If you haven’t yet seen it, Legoland’s reproduction of today’s inauguration is no less than remarkable. From the throng of people, to a sobbing Bush 43* and an army of Porta-Potties, nothing is forgotten. Although, I wonder if they’ve updated it to depict Cheney in a wheelchair?

A search of the internets suggests The Guardian has the best photos of the display.

*Just kidding about Bush 43 sobbing. Of course he may very well be sobbing on the inside. Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Gummy Candy.

“Bears and worms aren’t very similar, until you think….gummy.” -Demetri Martin, These Are Jokes

Yeah, but bears and worms are SO 1922…and 1981.

So, instead, make your own. SFHandyMan has provided a great detailed instructable on creating your own candies out of a DIY silicon mold. He’s chosen Legos as his design, and its remarkable how finely sculpted the results are. The details are more defined than in commercial candies!


Playing With Fire The Lego Way

Your mum is nearly always right. Remember when she told you not to
play with fire? She had a good point, but she’d obviously never seen
these. created on: 11/09/08

Blok Candles by Hyock Kwon, soon to be available at emporium-of-hip Charles & Marie. Simple effective awesome.

You mum was right however about running with scissors and waving pointy sticks, you really could take someone’s eye out with that thing