10 Super Chic Monogram DIY Projects For Your Home

10 Monogram DIY Projects For Your Home

Monograms aren’t just for shirt cuffs anymore… there are a whole slew of fun, whimsical DIY letter projects popping up all over the internet. They make great gifts too – who doesn’t love something so personalized? Keep reading to check out ten of my favorite projects involving monograms, names and initials.   


10 Monogram DIY Projects For Your Home

1. This personalized cutting board would look beautiful hanging on the kitchen wall. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: Oh My! Creative]

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Make It: Create Your Own Cement Letters

Cement used to be one of those intimidating mediums that was only used for sidewalks and garage floors. Not anymore! These days, people are using cement for all kinds of projects. I’m a particular fan of these custom letters!       


Follow this simple tutorial by Stephanie of Henry Happened and you can have your own concrete letters to grace your garden, your bedroom, or any other place your heart desires! 

DIY Cement Letters by [Henry Happened]

4 Hot Italian Font Wallpapers

Font decorating hasn’t captivated me, until now. These four rooms, dressed up in graphic font wallpapers by the Italian company Wall and Deco, have me rethinking this whole font decor thing. These walls add just the right character (Ha!, no pun intended) and would provide hours of obsessive word searching. Oh! Get a load of that duvet and pillow combo. Scrumptious.

Did you figure out the one you a steady handed DIY-er could easily knock-off?


The Letters Bookshelf.

letters bookshelf Letters Bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw2009 has seen plenty of typography inspired design, from vintage sign lettering to bold alphabets in prints and wall decals. So, it certainly makes sense to take the trend full circle, and use letters to support literature, the very records of language. Designed by recent industrial design graduate Pieter de Leeuw,  the letters are made from expanded polystyrene and coated for wear and tear. A remake should be easy enough, provided you can get your hands on the right materials and support it well. Continue Reading

How To Analyze Your Own Handwriting.

Want to know what your scribing says about your personality?

S-cool.com states, “Every time you scribble a few lines of handwriting you are giving away a great deal about yourself and your character. Everyone has an individual style of writing – this is why, occasionally, we can tell who a letter is from before we even open the envelope!As scary as it sounds, even your signature is a big giveaway to your personality! Professional graphologists say that it can reveal as much about you as a whole page of handwriting!” Continue Reading