10 Bookshelves And Libraries Arranged By Color

Over the years, there have been discussions about the pros and cons of color-coordinating your bookshelves. Some speculate that those who do this, don’t actually read, but use their books as decoration only. As it so happens, I’m totally for the rainbow shelving look. And I’m an avid reader. Here are ten beautiful displays of shelves beautifully-styled in rainbow fashion!  



 Each shelf a designated color! via SF Girl By Bay 


Space the shelves by alternating colored books with all white books.  Continue Reading

Organize Your Books and Music with DIY Labeled Dividers.

I love to walk through the reserve section of my local library…the books, records, and DVDs are lined up in the back corner, with these huge dividers, each with an oversized letter in Helvetica, organizing the reserves by the last name.

Matthew created this how-to on Flickr: unusable vinyl LPs augmented with stick-on letters slid in between physical media to keep ’em alphabetized and easy to find.

How do you organize you media and books? Continue Reading

Freebie Time: Free, Printable Library Cards, Pockets, and Mini-Notes!

In the DIY design blogosphere, tis always the season for giving: Creature Comforts offers free, download and printable library card pocket templates, standard library cards, and mini-notes. No more description necessary, just go get ’em.

Download library_card_pocket_template.pdf
Download free_standard_library_cards.pdf
Download free_mini_gift_cards.pdf

Via Decor8.

Fake Books for Fake Readers

The Original Book Works produces fake, excuse me, “faux”, books to make you seem well-read. Of course there are other reasons for putting fake, I mean, “faux”, “authentic resin reproductions of real leather books” in your library. You may want to cover a door with them, creating a Double-Oh-Seven escape route to your Aston Martin parked out back. Or maybe you just want the look of a library without the tedious job of accumulating books, not to mention actually READING them. Continue Reading