Before you Decorate Easter Eggs, Try This Golden Trick

Golden egg trick | How to scramble your eggs before you hard boil them!

The internet is teeming with hacks and tricks, and as we all know, a lot of them just aren't true. It's the nature of the beast. The same freedom that allows anyone to have a voice on the web also means people just get on the internet and tell lies (it's true, Buster)! I saw this trick a while back for how to pre-scramble eggs before you cook them and I was mildly skeptical. Continue Reading

The Most Popular DIY Projects of 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting the Most Popular Do-It-Yourself Projects of the year of our Lord, Two Thousand, Double-Aught, and Nine.

Okay, well, the most popular projects picked by productivity and technology site Lifehacker. Oh, and only featuring projects highlighted by Lifehacker. And viewed in popularity on Lifehacker.

Still, it’s a pretty good list, and a great year-end tribute to 365 days of creativity.

My faves are the secret passageway bookshelf and the brick pizza oven. Head over to the list and tell us what gets you goin’! Continue Reading