Make It: Modern Metallic DIY Pendant Light — From Empty Toilet Paper Rolls!

created at: 02/26/2013

Yes, you read that right. This oh-so-classy and minimal light is made from a decidedly not classy material: used up toilet paper rolls.            

Emma from Design and Form shared this DIY idea recently, which is so easy it almost doesn’t need a tutorial: wrap an empty tube with gold paper, stick it over a lamp cord, and voila! You have yourself a pretty fancy looking light. Brilliant, right??

created at: 02/26/2013

See more: DIY Gold Lamp by Design and Form


Make It: DIY Light-Up Typographic Headboard

created at: 02/18/2013

We’re taking last week’s light-up wall art project up a notch or two with this DIY headboard idea!      

Inspired by marquee lights, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess set out to create a unique and playful headboard for her guest bedroom. I’d say she definitely succeeded! While the project is a little more hands-on, it’s something anyone with a power drill can do (and should — this project is awesome).

created at: 02/18/2013

Take a peek at the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess! Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Tube Light

created at: 12/17/2012

This minimalist DIY light reminds me a little bit of the (much, much more expensive) Pipe Light by Tom Dixon. While his version is made from powder coated aluminum, this clever interpretation is crafted from — wait for it — a discarded cardboard poster tube!     

I have a bit of a, um, screen print buying problem, so I feel like cardboard tubes are always floating around my house somewhere. Typically, I throw them in our recycling bin, but I would much rather turn them into something awesome, like this lighting idea from Annaleena Leino. Continue Reading

DIY Romantic Star Projector

The DIY part of the AstroStar ($22) star projector is its assembly. A fun project for you and the kiddos, if you have any. If you don’t, even better, because it will surely set the mood for many romantic evenings for two. Which, of course, leads us back to my second sentence. Buy it at Infmetry; read more about it at NOTCOT.

How to: Make an Inexpensive Repurposed Placemat Lamp

created at: 08/16/2011

All this talk of kitchens and cooking spaces and whatnot has me looking around at all the ways to spruce up my dining room.  I got a little sidetracked when I saw this alternate use for a cheap plastic placemat.  Forget the kitchen, we’re headed to the bedroom.   Karen of Sew Many Ways shows how she used a clearance placemat (I always see these plastic ones on clearance- awesome!) a few screws, and a battery-powered night light to create a more unique and visually appealing light for the late hours of the night.  Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Planter Turned Illuminated Nightstand

Picture it: a bedside table with the light built in. Nice. Even nicer is how it’s made. A big ol’ fiberglass planter turned upside down with a hole drilled through the back and a light fed through. Of course, the planter would have to be translucent. Here’s some that would be perfect–if not a little expensive at $192 a pop–from Fine Garden Products.

From here (Shelterness) and there (flickr).

DIY Roundup: 10 Stylish, Budget-Friendly Lights to Make This Weekend!

created at: 07/21/2011

Well, you probably can’t make all ten this weekend (if you somehow manage to actually accomplish that feat, well, let’s say I owe you a lollipop).  But, if you’re itchin’ for a new light fixture that’s both stylish and easy on the wallet, here are ten separate weekend projects for your consideration!  (Pick and choose, people.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt.)  

created at: 07/21/2011

1.) Modern Paper Lamp Shade

created at: 07/21/2011

2.) Fractal Chandelier

created at: 07/21/2011

3.) Tree Stump Table Lamp

created at: 07/21/2011

4.) Continue Reading

Light It Up: DIY Stir-Stick Pendant Lamp

created at: 06/28/2011

Sometimes, and idea can be so easy and so great that I find myself wondering how the rest of us missed doing it ourselves.  Take, for instance, a pendant light that has been spruced up by some simple (and free) materials.  

Laura Lynn, author of Enjoying the Simple Things totally have me a head-whacking moment when I saw her pendant fixture covered in beautifully stained paint stirring sticks.  A few trips to the hardware store, some handfuls of sticks, and an existing pendant fixture was all she needed to create this natural beauty. Continue Reading