How to: Repurpose an Old Drying Rack into a Stylish Magazine Rack

DIY Leather Magazine Rack

I love to read magazine and so does my family. Long live the paper subscription! So, I wanted magazine storage for our living room to keep them all in one place. So, let’s get to it: how to make a simple and stylish wood and leather magazine rack. 

 First the research: I am really drawn leather and brass/gold magazine racks like this one.

I was originally going to attempt this with a vintage folding tray table but realized quickly a folding tray table is too tall for magazine rack. Continue Reading

10 New Uses For Old Magazines

I have a million and one magazines stored in a filing cabinet in our basement. I know that you can read almost everything online these days, but I just can’t let go of those printed pretties I’ve collected over the years. If you’re a mag-hoarder like me, here are a few projects to make using your beloved old magazines!      


1. Make a gift bow! via How About Orange

2. Fold a gift bag! via Milomade

3. Continue Reading

Make It: Easy DIY Magazine Rack

created at: 03/13/2013

I’m the type that only keeps magazines around for a short period of time before donating or recycling them, but I love the idea of having a small, rotating collection readily available to peruse. This simple DIY magazine rack would be perfect for storing a few faves!     

You can snag the basic materials (2x3s, cording, screws) for cheap from just about any hardware store. After that, you’re just an easy afternoon project away from displaying your current reads in style — check out the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess! Continue Reading

Build a Magazine Rack from Shelving Brackets

created at: 07/02/2011

Confession: when I was in college, I’d watch This Old House every Saturday morning.  Granted, it was on during my shift at the broadcasting station, but I made it a point to shirk all my other duties so I could take notes during the episodes. (It was college, taking notes was like breathing back then.). They always had something useful for my DIY-self.  Take, for example, this bracket-turned-magazine rack project: I know lots of us are bummed out at the magazine organizers at our local office supply stores… so why not make something unique and fun to keep all our DIY-zines in place?  Continue Reading

Say What?! Design Studio Creates Walls from Recycled Magazines

created at: 06/21/2011

Designers are generally smart people. Case in point: the graphic designer office of Oktavilla, which features walls made from recycled magazines. Not some ground up, post-consumer new paneling product, but actual magazines.

Check out these photos:         

Dave from Holiday Matinee remarks, “Damn those Swedes, they think of everything! Elding Oscarson is the architectural duo responsible for turning stacks of recycled magazines into office walls of graphic design agency, Oktavilla. I will never look at old magazines the same. Continue Reading

How To: Make Custom Magazine Files

Monica has created the perfect DIY organizational project: custom magazine files that fit not only your room’s decor, but your bookshelfs actual dimensions. These are guaranteed to look much more sharp and last way longer than ye old Flyt…


So says Monica, “Having gone to many different stores in the Bay Area, we decided that
to be most efficient we would have to embark on a journey to create our
own boxes. This turned out not only to be the most cost and space
efficient solution, but also the most flexible since we could decide on
the sizes of our boxes as well as the colors and the details.” Continue Reading

DIY-able Mag Rack Made of Carpet Pad

This very cool magazine rack by 54Dean is so DIY-able, I can’t even stand it! It’s made of carpet pad/underlayment that’s been laminated with felt on both sides. The material is then gathered together ‘using flexible cord to snugly hold your magazines.’ Okay, the laminating part might be tricky, but I’m thinking spray adhesive and purchased felt would work. A big old nail to poke some holes through and a couple of bungees, sans the hooks, knotted at each end or something….I Continue Reading

Inspiring Archives: House and Garden Magazines from 1959-1964

Amy Shutt from Day-Lab DIY shares her recent find: mid-century issues of House and Garden Magazine.

“[I pick up] older issues when I come across them at an affordable price and in reading condition:

This particular group contains magazines from 1959 through 1965. And even though I have only had time to flip through them and just scan articles…I am already in love.

Articles can be found on:

-Amazing design and architecture, (house and landscape):

-Subjects that are currently popular once again, like mixing styles, eclectic decor etc.: Continue Reading